Worship that moves God


“To shake the nations with your words does not impress anybody who dwells here (in heaven), but even by the least of my brethren shows love, it brings joy to my Father’s heart. When even the most humble church sings to my Father with truelove in their heart, He silences the whole heaven to listen to them. Many times the broken note on earth causes all of the heaven to weep with joy as they beheld my Father being touched.  When those who are living in such darkness and difficulty sing with true hearts to Him, it touches Him more than all the myriads of heaven can. A few holy ones struggling to express their admiration to Him have many times causes Him to weep. Every time I see my brethren touch Him with true worship, it makes the pain and grief on the cross seems to be so small to pay.” –Jesus (Yeshua)

To God be the glory!


THE UNVEILING OF THE MAN OF SIN (Anti-Christ) (22nd Annual Prophecy Conference)

speaker: Dr. Joe VanKoevering


Royal highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, a Jordanian crown prince who can speak 7 languages, who is a 42nd generation descendant of Muhammad (false prophet) is the anti-Christ or also known as the “The Man of Sin.”He and his brother, the late president Saddam Hussein of Iraq belongs to a Hashemite family. He aspires to be a king of Iraq (Babylon). He became the president of the club of Rome bringing the world into global government.

He wrote a “To be a Muslim.”

Daniel 9:27says, “That ruler will have a firm agreement with many people of seven years, and when half this time is past, he will put an end to sacrifices and offerings. The Awful Horror will be placed on the highest point of the Temple and will remain there until the one who put it there meets the end which God has prepared for him.”

Israel became a state on November 29, 1947, the year he was born.

Daniel 8:25 says, “Because he is cunning, he will succeed in his deceitful ways. He will be proud of himself and destroy many people without warning. He will even defy the greatest King of all, but he will be destroyed without the use of any human power.”

He will carry“peace” as frontline.

2 Thessalonians 2:3-12says“Do not let anyone deceive you in any way. For the Day will not come until the final Rebellion takes place and the Wicked One appears who is destined to hell. He will oppose every so-called god or object of worship and will put himself above them all. He will even go in and sit down in God’s Temple and claim to be God. Don’t you remember? I told you all this while I was with you. Yet there is something that keeps this from happening now, and you know what it is. At the proper time, then, the Wicked One will appear. The Mysterious Wickedness is already at work, but what is going to happen until the one who holds it taken out of the way. Then the Wicked One will be revealed, but when the Lord Jesus comes, He will kill him with the breath from His mouth and destroy Him with His dazzling presence. The wicked one will come with the power of Satan and perform all kinds of false miracles and wonders, and use every kind of wicked deceit on those who will perish. They will perish because they did not welcome and love the truth so as to be saved. And so God sends the power of error to work in them so that they believe what is false. The result is that all who have not believed the truth have taken pleasure in sin, will be condemned.”

The coming of the man of sin will have satanic power to unite all religion of the world together for peace.

Daniel 11:21 says, “The angel went on to explain: ‘The next king of Syria will be an evil man who has no right to be king, but he will come unexpectedly and seize power by trickery.’”

Daniel 11:41 says, “He will even invade the Promise Land and kill tens of thousands, but the countries of Edom, Moab, and what is left of Ammon will escape.”

Isaiah 14:22The Lord Almighty says, “I will attack Babylon and bring it to ruin. I will leave nothing—no children, no survivors at all. I, the Lord, have spoken.”

The coming of the son of man will:

1. Be a gentileMuslim

2. Be from the region of Ancient Assyria

3. Be a prince

4. Be the king of Babylon (Iraq)

5. Will enter the world scene as a man of peace

6. Be a peacemaker with Israel

7. Will seek to bring the world’s religions together

8. Will lay claim to Jerusalem

9. Be known as the Mahdi to the Muslim world

1 John 4:4 says, “But you belong to God, my children, and have defeated the false prophets, because the Spirit who is in you is more powerful than the spirit in those who belong to the world.”

I ask the Lord about this, and He confirmed it was him, the crown prince El Hassan bin Talalis the anti-Christ.