Bullying, or Witnessing to others?

Today, I accidentally read an article of a 13-year old Australian girl who committed suicide. This girl was a victim of bullying from school. From students of the same school she attended. The bullying which started from physical and psychological reached to an outrageous crime of getting the girl raped masterminded by the bullies. As a result, she suffered a lot–panic attack, separating herself from others, even mental illness.

She wrote a letter before she took her life. I am not encouraging others to do the same, it’s not a brave act to take one’s life. I also was a victim of bullies when I was in grade school. It was part of my growing up, to be as I am now, successful maybe in my career had also dark past as well as others in our growing up.

I learned to be brave after I forgot those nightmares. To move on, to forget and forgive. Life does not end with the only few chapters. Who cares if the first 5 chapters of your life story was hell, what matters is you let the writer continue your story by adding more chapters. You might not expect the next 5 chapters will be brighter, more beautiful, hopeful and full of colors. The books have lots of chapters to write on with our lives. Let’s not be contented without knowing our life-stories’ good ending.

I hope the ending with your story is not tragic.

Anyone deserves to have a good and happy ending. After all, life is worth-living.



God did not ransom us from the pit (of hell/ eternal damnation) so we could just keep the knowledge on ourselves. We can’t enjoy God’s favor, love, salvation and at the same time look at others bondage by sin, of ignorance, heading to hell. God wanted us to share this (TRUTH) to others who don’t know this.

I want to share a very wonderful thing God did with me this week.

November 9th (Thu), 2017, I dreamed of Jesus appearing to me and reading to me Ezekiel 3 (the whole chapter), then He directed me to read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…Jesus as lovely as He was in my dream, was a really gentle and gracious teacher to me. Then I woke up.

Unfortunately, I neglected that dream for some reasons like I was busy at work, etc. until on November 10th-11th, I was able to bump onto a YouTube channel with a video on Spiritual Warfare. I had taken notes especially on the 200 and more scriptural-verses (both Offensive and Defensive) that you can use for Spiritual Warfare.

Since then, I started to memorize the first 5 verses listed: Luke 20:42; Psalms 68:1; Luke 10:19; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 and Ephesians 6:11-18.

Then I remember about my dream on the 9th of November. Today, I read Ezekiel 3. The Holy spirit prompted me that the dream which Jesus appeared to teach me about those scriptures, was telling me to have a new way of reading / studying the bible, and that is to also memorize Scriptures.

Please do take time to READ EZEKIEL 3 (whole chapter). This is a critical verse telling us our assignment, our mandate or responsibility to witness to others. That we must warn those who are sinning, if not, their blood will be upon our heads. You might not know the person you are sharing with right now of the love of Jesus, might have had a problem that he thought suicide is the last resort.




To God be the glory!




Dream today: Heaven and lake of fire


March 10, 2017 – My dream today from dawn to morning.

A. I was riding a public transit (jeep). When we reached the crossroads, the driver deceitfully U-turned to the wrong way. I contested, but he didn’t seem to hear. He smiled as devil. But, a supernatural power stopped the vehicle so I was able to get away and waited for the right vehicle.

(Wisdom: right vs wrong direction; right vs wrong person or partner/s; the enemy comes only to kill, steal and destroy)

B. I and my mom need to go to the bank. Then heading back from downstairs became hard for me since I had a baby boy and a grocery – (rice) on my arms to carry. Then there’s a spirit filled young lady who helped me. She took the baby from me and put it inside her bag with ease and my mom took the grocery and carried it for me.

That lady carried us to a place we didn’t know. After a long walk, we entered in an old building with pre-school at the ground floor and apartment in the second floor. We need to pass on the stairs which looked fanciful and well fabricated with decorations on the outside; however its foundation is not strong. As we reach the second floor, we‘re able to rest inside her comfortable room.

(Wisdom: Don’t judge by the external factors and the way to righteousness is hard, but once you reach on top, you’ll find rest)

  1. Heaven and lake of fire

Then, while we’re inside that room, I was caught into a place where all I could see is burning liquid fire. Few of us were there: Moses, Aaron, me, Nick Carter and other Backstreet Boys band singer, Britney Spears and a loved-one so dear to me). We’re sitting on a fire-resistant white, soft surface like a mat (I’m not sure what it was like a rubber or a very thick material that couldn’t be burned) suspended above the running lava or lake of fire as if from volcano. I could not see the ending, there’s no wall, like we’re inside a cooking pot. However, we didn’t feel the heat nor the mat got burned.

We’re dressed in white robes or gown. Some of us are radiating or glowing from the light that comes from our body.  This light is a sign, a deposit Holy Spirit inside us so we can’t be harmed, especially Moses and Aaron. Accidentally or some unseen hand pushed Aaron making him dived into the lava or lake of fire underneath us. But, he was not hurt nor burned because of his white gown and the light inside him. He got wet and climbed back as if he just dived from the swimming pool of water.

Suddenly, Jesus appeared from nowhere. He’s walking towards us as if in the bible as he walks on the water towards the boat of Peter and other 12 disciples’.  I was so excited to meet Him, but my heart is a mix of fear, love and excitement. He’s such a huge man, wearing a white robe/ gown like us.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me the reason why we’re there, in that horrifying place.  It was to purify us like gold purified through fire. When Jesus turned towards me, staring at me, He’s smiling and full of love. And, I was like a baby or an infant giggling to Him saying, “Hi Jesus!” But He said nothing. Instead, His aura changed as He turned to the other person sitting next to me (members of Backstreet boys). His face was full of compassion and sadness. We communicate with the language of heaven, not with words but with our minds and hearts, so we understood what He wanted to say.


I understood that singers like them who particularly sing love songs break His heart, because those songs we’re not for Him. Even, Britney Spears who’s also there sitting with us were warned. But Jesus at that moment is so gracious and compassionate. He didn’t want anyone to be thrown into the lake of fire unprotected — those who were not wearing white robe or gown. Because obviously, if they will be submerged into the lake of fire, they’ll got burned. So Jesus gave them the grace; there’s still time to turn back to Him.

The last person I saw Jesus caught attention to was one of my loved-one. She came in as if she’s attending an interview wearing her best suit (blouse and pants) and bringing with her her laptop, Smartphone and pen. I don’t know what happened next.

(Wisdom: Those who love the world or the things of the world are enemies of God.)

Next. My spirit was carried to heaven. Then, I was flying in the sky. I could see very thick clouds and suddenly a particular picture appeared. It reads, “LOVE.” Not only that, it was meant LOVE and felt LOVE. Then I woke up from that dream. As I woke up, I pondered the vision I saw. Then I searched from the Bible scriptures that could support this great revelation, thinking were they biblical or not.


And…these Scriptures dawned on me.


Sufficient related Bible passages:

  1. 1 John 2:28– (Children of God)

And now, dear children, continue in Him, so that when He appears we may be confident and unashamed before Him at His coming.

  1. 1 John 3: 1-3 (AMP) Children of God Love One Another

“See what an incredible quality of love the Father has shown to us, that we would [be permitted to] be named and called and counted the children of God! And so we are! For this reason the world does not know us, because it did not know Him. Beloved, we are [even here and] now children of God, and it is not yet made clear what we will be [after His coming]. We know that when He comes and is revealed, we will [as His children] be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is [in all His glory]. And everyone who has this hope [confidently placed] in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure (holy, undefiled, guiltless).”

  1. 1 John 4:13-19 (NKJV) The Consummation of Love

“By this we know that we abide in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit. And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world.  Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.  And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the Day of Judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.  We love Him[a] because He first loved us.”

To God be the glory!




The blessing of family

Days ago, one of my 5 month old kitten died. She’s the closest to me, to the point that she sleeps with me during the night and woke we up at dawn so she’ll poop or pee outside the house.

So eventually, when she got sick, 4 days of not eating anything.. I talked to God. I told Him, “Here we go again Lord. The last time you take all my kittens I knew it because they became my idol. They occupy more of my waking time. But this time, are you dealing again with me? Why is that every time I overly loved my pets, they’ll die?” Then I cried and prayed for my cat, I lay hands to her and speak life to her. But I knew it. She’ll die. God put it in my heart. I knew it, so I was able to accept the fact. God is a jealous God, you know. The problem with me was I’m just too occupied with my pet.

Then 2 days ago, I saw my mom by the gate waiting for me. And I knew it. So I asked her, “Is she already dead?” She’s a little reluctant to answer me, because the last time she saw me cried so much is when my pet cat so dear to me died, that was last year, which I also featured here. I knew that my cat died not because it’s unusual for my mom to be awake by the time I arrived home from work, nor because it’s also unusual for her to stay outside late at night waiting for me. I knew my cat died because the Lord put it in my heart, “She’ll die.”
So what more could I do, but to accept the fact. So I bury her, my mom had just cried. She was surprised by my reaction cause I show no single pain in me. There was even joy inside me. I was released even before the day she died, because Jesus conditioned my heart the time I cried to her asking, “not again Lord..” but He’d answer back, “She would die.” So that news was no surprise to me anymore. He had spoken.

Why people grieve….
It’s not wrong to grieve. In fact, it’s biblical to grieve for your dead loved one, and to cry is a medicine to the soul. The thirst washes the pain away.

However, I learned the fact that the reason why people grieve is because they can not accept the reality of the person’s or any creature’s death or lost yet.
…hence, it’s easier on my part because I accepted the fact, God told me beforehand. Can I reason to Him?

Everything is a matter of decision…
You decide to act on something, telling yourself to do this and that. Like last week, one of the speaker in the bible class I attended to shared on how quick she forgave her dad for murdering her mom. It’s because she decided to forgave him, to act on it by faith. If she didn’t put her faith on God that she’d forgive her dad, she couldn’t look at him directly to the eyes nor could have lived with him peacefully in the same roof.

When I asked my cousin how come he changed. He no longer smoke nor drink. He said, “I just decided. It’s a choice.” Folks, everything is a matter of faith. You put your faith to Jesus, that He’d take care of the things you decided on doing, that He’d help you to consistently do it by renewing your mind, because on the first place He’s the first one to want you to do it.

Since this week’s theme is about family and marriage…allow me to share this.
Last night, my mom confessed to me, “Do you know why you did not grieve for your dead cat? It’s because the moment she died, I prayed to God that He’ll take care of your emotions, that He’ll let you accept it easily and not to grieve over it.” Honestly, I was touched by that motherly confession.
Many times my mom saved me from heartbreak by praying to God to take care of me. That’s moms for! That’s our parents. How many of you did not know that many times our parents are praying for us even it seems they didn’t? That’s how we’re blessed to have parents, so let’s continue honoring them.

To God be the glory!

finding the love of your life

This week, the Holy Spirit impressed me to focus on a particular subject
on family and marriage to write in my blog. It’s been a long while since I
last wrote here.And, I’m thinking what to write. Suddenly, I bumped into
this video preaching by Rick Warren. A pastor writer and a world renowned
author of the bestselling book “The Purpose Driven Life” and “The Purpose
Driven Church”.

I mind you check it, too and since I do find it sensible and helpful in
biblical perspective, I list some important points he mentioned here that
you would ponder on about “Who you should or not Marry with”.

Two choices in life
1. Will I ever get married?
2. If I do, who’s it gonna be?

God can’t move a parked car, it must be moving. God leads, guides us …if
you say, “I’m just gonna wait and wait, nothing’s gonna happen.It’s your
choice, God leads us, guides us and gives us guidelines, but ultimately
it’s your choice.

1. There ISN’T only one “right person” for me!
2. Love alone is not enough reason to marry

God doesn’t tell who to marry but He’ll give you the description of the
kind of person He desires for you to marry.

And if you want God’s blessing, protection, and success on your marriage
which you do, then better listen to Him about the kind of person He tells
you to marry.

Deal breaker list.
(If you don’t match on any of this, you better not marry a person)

God designed marriage to be like a three leg stool – wife, husband and
God, with the absence of God or any of these leg, would make the stool
READ: 2 Corinthians 6:14- 15; Romans 1:12

How can you help each other if one of you has no faith?
READ: Amos 3:3
You’re not ready to marry until you know the purpose for your life. What
is my purpose? What is my
mission? What is my calling? What is my
vocation? Why did God put me here?

Ephesians 2:10

When you die and face God, He’d ask you two questions:
1. What did you do with my son Jesus?
2. What did you do with the gift I gave you?

He’d ask you if you’d fulfill your purpose and not, “Who did you marry?”
1 Peter 4:10; Hebrews 3:1 …”to be partners in God’s calling.”
You can ask this: Do we have the same purpose?
If you could match his/her purpose to yours then you’d aligned these
purposes and become one, then the result is… that gave impact.
A bad marriage is a thousand times worse than staying single for the rest
of your life.
When your purpose is aligned, it’s enormous power and fulfillment.

Prov 22:24
Prov 23:20

Whatever you resent, you begin to resemble.
I’m never gonna be my mother. oh really?

The more you hammer a nail, the more it goes deeper into the wood. You
stop to resist it, then you’ll release it.

Heb 12: 15

How do they treat their parents?
You don’t marry a person, you’re marrying a family.
Prov 20:20


READ: Prov 18:1; Proverbs 28: 25 “Selfish people cause trouble.”

READ: Prov 15:27; Prov 23:6

Prov 11:25 “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will
himself be refreshed.”

Prov 11:17 “A kind-hearted woman gains respect…and a kind man benefits
himself, but a cruel people brings trouble on themselves.”

READ: Prov 20:7

Love is base on trust and trust is base in truth.
If you don’t tell me the truth, how can I trust you, and if I can’t trust you
how, how can I love you?
Guys, if you lie to a girl you are dating, then you are going to lie to
your wife later on.
Girls, if the guys you’re dating is lying to you right now, he will lie
even more when he is married. Don’t marry to those who doesn’t have

As you notice in the entire list, there is no one word about appearance,
about how they look, about how sexy..

Our culture teaches us the exact opposite of what the bible teaches us
about who to marry…our culture teaches you that the number 1 you need in
marriage is that you need to be sexy, good looking. Our entire society is
built on the idea that you marry somebody beautiful. And if you marry
somebody who’s attractive then your marriage will going to be great and
you’ll be happy and you’ll going to meet every need in life. Then if that
would be true, the marriage that will last the longest would be hollywood
marriages, because they’re all better looking than all of us. Is that
true? Do the best looking people had the longest lasting marriages? Ask Kim
Kardashian. Not a chance. It has zero to do with the success of your
marriage. I tell you this, you’ll not going to stay sexy forever.

The hollywood myth is that all you need to get married is romantic
feeling, sexual attraction, who can get rid of your loneliness, and
that’ll be it. No it won’t. These are not good reasons to marry. You may
be tired of being notice or not notice and you wanna be noticed.
Somebody’s paying you little attention and you’ll say “I would marry this
person who’s giving me much attention.” No. Do you have spiritual unity?
Do you have life purpose compatability? Are they emotionally healthy?
Then you’ll ask, “T’m not sure if I could find anybody who could fits
this..?” Oh really? I did, and I know you can, too. God always gives His
best to those who leave the choice to Him.
I wanted God’s best.. in my life and I got it.
The longer you date somebody, the more painful it’d going to be
to breakup.
Try to figure our that when you do have the 1st 2 days of your date, look
if they fit any of this (in the list)..look for this things I suggest that
in the 1st early dates you have, spend time talking than watching
movies…because if you get into a relationship over a long period of
time, the more painful it’s going to be to get out of it. So you wanna
find out quickly. Do we have spiritual unity…and so on? But he had
biceps, she dresses nice..forget it! That’s all he’s got.

Prov 6:2-4 “If you have trapped yourself in an agreement and are caught by
what you said—quick, get out of it immediately!…Swallow your pride; go
and get your name released. Don’t put it off! Do it now! Don’t rest until
you do!”

Prov 28:23 “In the end, people appreciate frankness more than flattery.”
Don’t prolong a relationship that you know is going nowhere. Don’t
continue it.

“Do you have uncontrolled anger?” – “No!!! I don’t!!!”
“Are you selfish?” — “Can we talk about me?”
“Are you greedy?” — “Would you pick up the cab?”
You can figure this one up pretty quick.
If you wanna get married. God bless you. The bible says, “He who finds a
wife, finds a good thing.” It’s a blessing of God. So you need to begin a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ yourself. You need to be
spiritually connected to God to get that 3rd leg of the stool .

To God be the glory!