“The special floating slipper, the floating board and a stairway underwater”


Dream today: 11/4/2016 dawn-morning

I walked on the water like Jesus with a special slipper. Somebody’s attempting to remove my special slipper to make me sink, but another creature I didn’t see provided me a flat floating board under my feet so I was able to walk on the water again without sinking.

Another scene: We and other Christian believers are trying to enter a village surrounded by a big body of water (water is unclean and unclear) through a bridge. Somebody’s pulling the bridge away from its place, but we fought hard to stay on it. We helped each other in order to reach the other end of it by making fragments of wood to form a new bridge.

Then appeared a stairway from the surface in a sloping direction…the more you walk on it, the more you’ll get wet.

Another scene: My mom was given a new huge and concrete house. It has two strong pillars and roofs, but she removed the two pillars and remove some roofs to make the house smaller to save space in the lot. However, I worry looking at the foundation, removing the pillars make it prone to damage if strong earthquake or typhoon hit the house. What does this mean?

slipper – faith
bridge being pulled – persecution
stairs beneath the water – to deep in the Spirit
pillars – foundation (Bible or Word of God)
roof – protection

To God be the glory!