I had read her book Heaven is so Real (in English) twice and in  Filipino  once three years ago.

I’m glad this video is uploaded. Now it’s possible for those who are not fond of reading to witness her testimony. Such a wonderful testimony that made me purchase more copies of this book and handed to people I don’t personally know, but only God shows and put in my heart.

To God be the glory!

Prophesy for July 3-27…

In our church service earlier, it was announced that…

From July 3-27, 2016 according to prophet Neville Johnson, the enemy has been given the power to destroy us through the spirit of basilisk (death and destruction) which includes famine/calamity,hunger, war…

As church, let’s unite in prayer, warfare and the sounding of shofar (trumpet) as a battle-cry to combat the enemy (rulers, principalities, spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms)…since the spirit of basilisk could only be fought and defeated through a united prayer.

Let’s pray with our family at home and go to church for an intercessory prayer.

Also, starting today, let’s declare the whole chapter of Psalms 91…


Feast of trumpets in Hebrew calendar is the 7th month, …in our own calendar 7th month is July. So next month is the feast of trumpet?? = of remembrance, repentance, blowing of shofar (trumpets) for us to be remembered by God, a battle-cry, to shout…

also called Yom HaDin / Day of Judgment
The Opening of the Books
The Opening of the Gates…

#please watch this video.
I had a dream about this topic on May 27, 2016, though eventually I had deactivated my Facebook at that time for 2 months due to soul fast, and I ignored that dream because I’m honestly IGNORANT about Hebrew (biblical) calendars and Hebrew feasts. I thought there isn’t such a thing as trumpet feast or any event with trumpets. When I saw this video, my dream coincides. . .was amazed.

My dream about it dated May 27th, 2016 at dawn was this:
— In the ocean came a wild shark, a beast attacking everyone. That could breath even above the water; it’s very quick which made the water move shakily.
—The man on the shore says,”According to prophesy, if that creature, reach the shore then that’s the beginning of the reign of the beast. (In the bible, in the book of Revelation, the beast who come out of the sea).
—My uncle told me, “February is the next Lord’s cry or the trumpet conference to be held in the Philippines.”
—I was directed to a certain pastor in the church I am attending to since he’s knowledgeable about it.
—-end of my dream—

Until now, I did not share this to that certain pastor in our church because prior to this, I was unbelieving to my dream. Maybe it’s true or not that there would be an event next year, February, we don’t know, what matters to me now is that there really is a TRUMPET FEAST/CONFERENCE. My dream is true!!! Amazing and this video from Youtube was only popped up from my e-mail after I subscribed “PRAY WORLD ENDTIME PROPHECIES WARNINGS”.

please pray for this.
#we must know the seasons and the times we are in now and the location we are in as well.

To God be the glory!


At dawn-2am today, I dreamed of the TRIBULATION in the book of Revelation, of the anti-Christ…
a. we’re inside the airport. Workers though worked in different airline companies, made an oath to kept in secret their identity (including their faith) because we’re all living in the same house. Inside the house, we’re one but in our workplace, we act strangers to each other.
b. suddenly there’s a drill for (war/ terrorist attack, famine) inside the airport. We’re asked to participate, everyone of us.
When I hid inside the blanket, I was told, “That’s not safe, flying bullets can surely kill you.”
So, I change position and hid behind a very thick white wall. And finally I was told, “Now, you’re safe.”
c. I went to my birthplace but I was welcomed by strong and huge militant dogs.
They’re about to attack me but I was protected by unseen thing, a divine intervention…which blinded them. I was not harmed.
d. Inside my house, the anti-Christ entered with strong men. By force, like others, he wanted to mark me with microchip (666) and he’s carrying a sharp object to cut me and get my blood, but I tried to escape by flying and floating into the air. He did not stop chasing me. And I was so quick to escape from him which seemed like there’s a strong hand and power helping me to move quickly and even fly and float into the air to run and escape. This is the POWER OF THE AGE TO COME. I was not caught until I woke up exhausted.
When I waited in the Lord in the afternoon, I saw in my vision, large numbers and multitudes of militant groups marching. They look powerful and strong. Brave and united. I saw Israel. And others become unclear….
I was directed by the Holy Spirit to browse the internet and here’s the first thing my eyes caught which is closely related with my dream and vision today is this video.
To God be the glory!

We are to know where we are.

The safest place in the world is called “the will of God”.
We are to know where we are.
The world is getting darker and darker which means that the light of God has to shine brighter. You got evil on one side but you got God on the other, and God is BIGGER. Evil is increasing so It’s time to stand and shine bolder, stronger, uncompromising and God shall anoint you. -Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
‪#‎Jesus‬, our safe refuge.

#Isaiah 9:10
Good night!

Yeshua is Jesus, our safety

Whoever is not in the Lord, they’ll say, “I’m scared…I’m scared…”
Don’t be scared. Just keep to be right in God.

The Hebrew word for safety is #YESHUA.

Get everything in your life in JESUS because He is the safety. Outside of Him is unsafety. Inside of Him, there is.
The time is late but if there are some things you (the believers) need to get right in your life, get it RIGHT now. If there are some things you need to get out of your life, get it out now because the time is late and it’s exact. God is exact. -Jonathan Cahn