Miracle explosion–you gotta receive your miracle of healing, too!


This live video was aired 2 years ago, but miracles is not a respecter of time…today while I was watching this, I have agreed with the prayer declarations, and instantly I received my miracle. How awesome is God! When we are in a verge of frustrations, wanting to really be healed and received from God, we would really expect that something will happen, then boom!!! Miracles take place… I’m so glad…this I testify with the Holy Spirit as my witness. I saw in the realm of the spirit that all aspects like health, relationships, finances, career, ministry, and others in my life are healed. Thank you Lord! To God be the glory!

You gotta declare and hear these from your own mouth and believe what you declared.
“I am healed. I am whole. I am rich.”



Hallelujah! Thank you Lord Jesus for this great testimony of Fatimah. I’m so blessed! I could relate well to her testimony to the times (many times) You had physically healed me of my illnesses (rheumatic heart disease, migraine, vertigo, hepatitis A, anemia, depression, acute gastroenteritis) in the past by your divine and supernatural power.

I repent of my sin when I attempted to commit suicide twice in my teenage life.  I even tested you  many times when I was a child to know if you really exist. But, you are faithful. You showed Yourself to me with LOVE, GRACE and COMPASSION….and supernaturally not just through dreams and visions but through Your words in the Bible by continually revealing yourself day by day.

And, I thank you for working to the lives of all other people who don’t know you yet, and continually revealing Yourself to those who had accepted you so that to them You’ll be fully known.

To God be the glory!

I’m so blessed by this testimony: when I am weak, I’m strong

1. Being strong or trying to look strong is overrated. It takes a big man to say “I’m sorry…” or say, “I have problems.”

You are coward or weak if your covering your weakness by saying, “I’m ok.” even if you’re not.

Sometimes trying to hide our weaknesses is our biggest weakness. Our biggest strenght is talking about our weaknesses. Apostle said, “I delight in my weaknesses, hardships, insults,….” because he is a freeman, he can talk about his weaknesses.

The more we recognize our weaknesses, the more we see God bigger,more, mightier, our dependency on Him increase. And when you come to that place, you’re at the beginning of your healing.
2. Somebody does something so small, but if your reaction is so big..then there’s something else..inside of you, hidden, hurt or bitterness or pain…then here it comes…is called transffering of anger. Hurt people wanted to hurt people intentionally or unintentionally.

3. To give up on something is so different with surrendering.
You can surrender to God acknowledging that He’s bigger than your circumstances. You can not surrender to your problem or ran away from it or trying to cover or ignore it, that’s not facing your Goliath (giant), however you can surrender them (your problems or your giants) to God.

To God be the glory!

The Holy Spirit said, “Do not idolize Duterte! If he’ll win, he’ll win, still you have to pray for the right person to sit as president.”


Mind over matter

“Being a mumbler, a grumbler, a whiner or a complainer does not seem to show that you are ACTIVE. In fact, you are yet as PASSIVE as those who don’t do anything but keep silent, UNLESS you SUGGEST or RESOLVE your situation/ circumstance.”

Many instances like, ‪#‎the‬ Israelites’ wandering for 40 years in the dessert and were not able to enter in God’s rest (promise land) because they are grumbler, complainer, mumbler, whiner…

We don’t realize that God uses our situations to test our hearts. On how are we to react. Are we thankful enough in every situation, whether good or bad? Or are we faithful to Him knowing that tomorrow won’t be the same as today?

Everywhere we go if we keep the same old attitude of being grumbler/ complainer and ungrateful, our situation won’t change.
It’s like, new level, new devil. If you can’t pass stage 1, why would you jump into higher level when you know you’ll just fail as you did in stage 1? Kung di na nimo mapasahan na stage, hantud dra ra jud ka….grade 1 section 12 hantud next year mao lng gihapon repeater, and so on and on…

Dr Cindy Trimms says, “It’s not the people around you who’s got wrong or have some problem, but it’s you because you let them in to your cycle, you let them part into a relationship with you….and you let them hurt you…and you never even pray for it before it comes. But if you start changing your perspective, if you renew your mind, everything else around you will also starts changing including how you’ll react on certain situations.”

Yes, totally agree. We must realize that God sends people to test our characters.
You must thank your enemy’s role in your life! Without them, you can’t learn the true act of LOVE.

Last week lng, I was reminded about the true value of freedom and what real freedom really is after I watched this movie “IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE (1996)” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlpNI7cDEMk) —This true to life movie about injustice’ main character was imprisoned for 15 years for the crime she didn’t committed and when locked inside the “high intensive cell” for 6 months without light, window, a person to talked to and was tortured, she was almost gone mad. To ease her uneasiness, she kept walking back and forth (for the first week) inside a very small prison (bartolina) screaming, “At least, please… I need someone to talk to…!!!”

When asked, “How did you survive?” She simply smiled and said, “Well I realize I can’t change my situation, so instead, I need to change my PERSPECTIVE. So I started to do meditation and was able to have PEACE. They might have my body but not my SOUL.”

It must first begin with what you think.

Psalms 55:22 “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall.”

To God be the glory!

Been Rejected? It’s time to Celebrate, Rejoice and be Glad!


Rejection is not a sign that there’s something wrong with you,
Rejection is the divine announcement that that person (who rejects you) no longer has the capacity for your greatness.
-Dr. Cindy Trimm

Kind David (before he became a king) had to be birthed out of rejection and many others to mention, you are even one of them, and myself too. 😀

We are victorious by the blood of the Lamb.
To God be the glory!

Our body is not a thrash can

“Our senses are constantly being bombarded by enormous amounts of information. Only a small part of it reaches our consciousness. However, our subconscious mind absorbs it all.

Subliminal messages are embedded in another mediums. They are unrecognizable by the conscious mind, but in certain situations can affect the subconscious mind and later actions and attitudes.

Subliminal messages are very common in advertising.
They are usually directed to our primary needs and instincts such as SAFETY, SATIATION, SEX.”

REACT: That’s why when we are trying to get into our prayer closet to pray, sometimes it’s hard for us to get into the Lord’s presence because our mind is so preoccupied with lots of things: mostly of VISUAL images from TV, internet, pictures, etc..like how many hours are we spending in Social Media or social networking sites or on watching TV dramas or news a day?
The longer you stay, the more the images and mostly trashes (negative and unhealthy comments and posts from netizens) get into our souls. Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, should we be feeding it everyday with thrashes and files of junks?

And, these images once entered into our brains, needs cleaning, that’s why we need to pray from time to time “Lord, sanctify my mind, my eyes, my ears, my heart…renew it…I’ve watched a pornographic pictures and videos today or have sung or listened to unwholesome songs…”

Once visual images or audio materials are passed into our brain, it will stay there for good unless cleansed, removed, renewed, sanctified, and this process of cleaning takes not just a second…there’s a matter of discipline and self-will and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2)

‪#‎To‬ God be the glory!