Jesus the Judge throws Muslim Man into Hell after Rejecting His Blood & Saving Grace

God did not left us uninformed about the TRUTH for as long as the sun rises and sets, there are plenty of times … an opportunity to share and to be shared about the GOSPEL,so as not to be left unknowingly about the truth nor to blame anyone when faced with God.



How would you explain this?

A notable incident after shift last night. Time checked: 12:30 am as I glimpsed on my watch. The route was bound for Boulevard- Sasa – R.Castillo, which I used to ride on a jeepney after work everyday.  As I reached the island/ middle of the road where I need to cross, my heart beat faster and felt dizzy as I saw a ten-wheeler truck with other huge cars. It’s not usual to feel that way though I had past history of fainting due to vertigo.

Then a man, an ordinary looking at his 50s was also about to cross the road with me though we’re distant away. He’s in the pedestrian and I’m not. I was reluctant to cross seeing the big truck’s approaching, but that man motioned and told me, “Tabok..tabok…tabok…” (cross..cross…cross…) His voice seemed reassuring that it’s safe to cross and I didn’t need to worry nor be afraid.

So I crossed. I knew he was following me and thinking I need to say anything like a simple thank you or smile, I turned back. It was just seconds when I couldn’t see him anymore. He was gone. I asked the balot vendor if he noticed the man crossing with me, but he even didn’t see him. I felt goose bump.

Is he possibly be my guardian angel?

As I was about to sleep, (2am) after I prayed, it dawned on me that during my break time in the office (in my workplace) I was declaring Psalms 91 many times, I did not know why, I just wanted to memorize it all over again since the Holy spirit prompted me to do so. The Holy Spirit said, “the enemy wanted to destroy you, hated you, wanted to rob you…”

#power of prayer declaration
#we overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb

To God be the glory!

spiritual realm

the devil come to steal, kill and destroy,
but Jesus comes to set the captives free and give us life eternal.
#spiritual realm is more real than natural realm
#spiritual realm
#pray in the Spirit
#Ephesians 6:10-20

#what you is speak is what you become


to God be the glory!

Worship that moves God


“To shake the nations with your words does not impress anybody who dwells here (in heaven), but even by the least of my brethren shows love, it brings joy to my Father’s heart. When even the most humble church sings to my Father with truelove in their heart, He silences the whole heaven to listen to them. Many times the broken note on earth causes all of the heaven to weep with joy as they beheld my Father being touched.  When those who are living in such darkness and difficulty sing with true hearts to Him, it touches Him more than all the myriads of heaven can. A few holy ones struggling to express their admiration to Him have many times causes Him to weep. Every time I see my brethren touch Him with true worship, it makes the pain and grief on the cross seems to be so small to pay.” –Jesus (Yeshua)

To God be the glory!

Prophesy for July 3-27…

In our church service earlier, it was announced that…

From July 3-27, 2016 according to prophet Neville Johnson, the enemy has been given the power to destroy us through the spirit of basilisk (death and destruction) which includes famine/calamity,hunger, war…

As church, let’s unite in prayer, warfare and the sounding of shofar (trumpet) as a battle-cry to combat the enemy (rulers, principalities, spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms)…since the spirit of basilisk could only be fought and defeated through a united prayer.

Let’s pray with our family at home and go to church for an intercessory prayer.

Also, starting today, let’s declare the whole chapter of Psalms 91…