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Mayday.. mayday!

Last night, I was surprised by the answer of my 11 year old atheist student when I asked him, “What will you do when the plane you’re in is about to crush?” This was during our discussion after reading a documentary story of a pilot and a fight attendant.

Student: I will write a letter to my family and pray to God.

Why am I surprised by his answer?
This student had been consistent in telling me that he didn’t believe in God nor in heaven and hell. Many times I was laughed at, insulted and humiliated. Nevertheless, I’m consistent at sharing to him that there is God, there is heaven and hell and about JESUS.

I didn’t know that through time, he has been affected by what I am sharing to him.

LESSON LEARNED: We may look foolish to the unbelievers for the moment but we don’t know God is already working on them. We just have to continue our part and God will take care of the rest. 🙏

Atheists know that there is God but because of sins, they don’t want to accept or acknowledge God in their lives. That is the reason they keep on telling there is no God. But even so, in their death bed or in times of danger, I believe they also call on God for help. Let us not wait for this thing to happen that we only call on God as our last option. Let us live every day as if it is our last. ☝️🔥🔥🔥

To God be the glory!


By kristel jenny

Having Born Again Christian parents, I knew I was a born Christian. Yet, as I grow I started to doubt my faith "Am I just labelled as one after my parents...?"...GOD as a loving father to His children rescued my soul, reminds me from time to time that I am a Christian by HIS grace when He first called me; by faith I received HIM to take control of my life and my salvation and was baptize in 2004; bringing back HIS glory--I steadfast to become a witness of HIS words (corrections, warning, motivation, will, love,....)