places of heaven

November 20, 2019 —I got a taste of heaven today in my dream. But the thing that left me in awe was the message by the heavenly being, –not so sure whether it’s an angel or a saint, but surely it’s a man. He said while leading us into different places of heaven, “The reason why visitors here don’t enjoy much neither get access to every places here in heaven is because they are always in a hurry.”
The Holy Spirit of God instantly translated what he said for me. That simply means, people on earth don’t crave themselves with the things of heaven because they don’t have any idea what’s in heaven. They no longer focus on things which are holy, pure and godly, neither seeking the Kingdom of God, because people on earth have enough of the pleasures of the world. The modern society bombarded people with too much entertainment that we can’t have time for God.
Just want to share this dream I got. If I have to share the whole dream this could have been so long……like how I could describe heaven….the first heaven, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on…..with the absence of time and space was so colorful, lively and serene. The colors of the flowers, plants, landscapes was so clear or well saturated.
Then, back to earth, I landed on the ground full of dirts and grasses with a woman seducing me to buy dirts. The people around me seemed captivated of her enticing words although what she’s selling were all not good for the health and rubbish, in fact, literally she’s also selling pigs’ feces.
Next, I was carried in an open field with people so busy running, seemed like there’s a coming calamity, war or something.
Prayer: To God be the glory for this reminder Lord God, truly you are a living God and Your Spirit is speaking to us in many different ways. Forgive us for our shortcomings and iniquities. And help us to be more vigilant for the upcoming events that only by Your grace we could survive. Help us to be prepared for your second coming, that we’ll focus on You as the perfecter of our faith with You. Lord help us to have a teachable heart to humble ourselves everytime you correct us. Teach us to love others especially those who hurt and forgive as You forgave us. In Jesus’ name Amen.

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