Another weird yet touching dream….(I’d been healed through a dream)

September 13, 2019 –Today, I could not sleep until 3 am due to cough and colds. I’d been coughing so hard that my chest seemed to burst out of pain. In my desperation, I prayed to God to ease my uneasiness. Then, my head felt lighter and was about to doze my eyes off enough for me to notice that my body is numbing. I’m in the verge of experiencing sleep paralysis. I could see horror pictures, yet I’m trying to move my body. I tried to command my body by imagining what it should do, and it did worked, I woke up.

I prayed again asking God not to let me experience sleep paralysis. I was able to sleep again. In the middle of my sleep, I dreamed. I see a lady entering my room. I could see myself and my room even I’m asleep. The lady approached me and told me she’s been sent as an answer to my prayer. Then she laid hands on me while praying over me. I intently listen to every words she uttered especially on how she ended it with, “in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit.” I startled to hear the last word. Spirit? It should be the “Holy Spirit”. So was taken aback thinking she must be sent by the devil. Yet, when she continued on her prayer, I heard her say, “Let the power of the Holy Ghost be upon you.” I felt the power from her hand over my head. It’s cold and traveled directly to my chest and back. And I felt something left my body. Then I woke up from a dream. And the lady disappeared.

To tell you, that dream is as real as I could still see my room as natural as it was.
I pondered upon my dream. I removed doubt and felt peace and joy in my heart. Truly God moves in mysterious and unexpected ways.

I remembered upon arriving home, I spend time with God by reading the Bible, praying and worshiping Him.

It’s just overwhelming to experience something supernatural when you are in an uneasy situation.

God is a living and awesome God. He heals and answers prayers.

To God be the glory!

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