1. LET’S ENCOURAGE OURSELVES IF NOBODY DOES. There’s no help crying over spilled milk. Instead of wallowing into your pity party or anxiously trying to change your situation, why don’t you just change your perspectives? If you can’t change your circumstance, then change the way you react or perceive on things. That’s the thing Satan can’t steal from you. Like a bridge over troubled water, speak to yourself, “I think myself happy.”

If someone would ask you what you see over the troubled water or beyond the storm, answer him, “I can see myself thriving not just surviving. Weeping may comes in the night but the joy comes in the morning. I am the head, not the tail as the Word of God tells.”

  1. SAVE YOUR ENERGY FOR CELEBRATING NEW DAYS, NEW SEASONS, And NEW EXPERIENCE WITH RENEWED MIND. What you say to yourself and others matters. What you think matters more. And, how you act on what you think and say matters the most. It’s very important to maintain a renewed mind every day, since each day we deal with toxins. We must master the art of filtering. What are those things worth keeping? Is there plenty of stuff that we need to give up? What we think, say and act define us and create an atmosphere for us. If we’re full of negative thoughts, we’re attracting negative stuff. Then, we might wonder why our day is so messed up! So, why don’t we just bless everybody—our family, colleagues, neighbors and clients and declare good things over them, instead of binding them through our negative words? This is our way of helping them and ourselves.

Of course we can’t control situations that come our way, but we have the last say, either to accept or reject it. If it comes, we can’t just let it paralyze us or steal our joy.

  1. YESTERDAY IS GONE, GONE, GONE, I’M MOVING ON, ON, ON. I’m going to do what God called me to do and this won’t stop me. Going home is not an option. Go big or go home? We need to focus on how desirous the end of the road is ahead of us and not on how bumpy or thorny our way up there is!
  2. PROFESSIONALISM. “A professional is somebody who does what they know they have to do regardless of how they feel.” – Jentezen Franklin.

This quote blew me away. Way too powerful! If all employees would think like this, staff turnover would not be as bad in any company. People would not quit on jobs that easily.

Here’s an example of professionalism. If you bumped into one of your colleague and ask how he’s feeling today, he might say, “I don’t feel good working today, but I don’t have a choice but to attend on my duties (to really work) since I have my responsibility.” That’s professionalism! Could a soldier back up in the middle of a fight just because he feels scared or unwell? He must fight for his life, face it heads up because there’s no way to back up. Be coward or die?

Yet, in everything we do, big or small, we have to put grace in it. If we love what we do, it’d return to us the favor. Not that I’m telling you to drag your feet towards what you dislike doing, but the more you overcome antagonism to your workloads or against how boring or stressful it is, the spontaneity and enthusiasm simply comes in naturally. Then, you’ll be surprise how far you’d overcome yourself. Know that the primary enemy of our blessings is our own self—SELF-will, SELF-gratification, SELF-centeredness or SELFishness.

  1. FORGIVENESS IS THE KEY TO FREEDOM. Otherwise, bitterness and unforgiveness in our hearts gave the legal right to tormentors over us. Tormentors or tormenting spirits or unclean spirits that bind people, enslaving them to sin such as addiction, lust and/ or all forms of sexual immorality, etc. could bring about in us mishaps, discontentment, unhappiness, worries and anxieties. Just like the parable of unmerciful servant who after his master pitied on him, cancelled all his debts, went to his fellow servant who has borrowed him and began to demand from him mercilessly, sent his co-servant to prison until he could pay him back. Then the master who heard this was furious, “I cancelled all your debt because you begged me to, shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?” In anger, the master turned him over to the jailers (tormentors) to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed. This is how our heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.” READ: Matthew 18: 21-35.

This is also applicable for those who judge their neighbors, who continually think ill of them because of their weaknesses. Is there a time we criticize others for their wrong actions, that we never forget their wrongdoings and continue to slander them even in our hearts? Like, in hypocrisy we’d say to ourselves, “I’m glad I’m not like him who steals, who’s a drug addict or an adulterer.” When you begin to say such things to yourself, you’ll begin to invite tormentors and you’ll find yourself doing the exact actions you’re criticizing. You’d start to steal or become an adulterer, too and would wonder why the things you know are wrong and hate doing were the things you’d start and eventually would keep on doing. It seems you’re under a spell, been trapped or been enslaved by it. Like there’s no way out. Then, you’ll get frustrated.

If we are merciful or patient to our neighbors for their weaknesses, we are safe. But the moment we speak ill of them, God would let us experience their fate, too. The role of boomerang: what you throw away will return to you.  You’d say Bye, yet it replies Hi.

If you have JESUS, you have everything—-complete freedom could be found in Him and through Him—this concludes all.

To God be the glory! Shabbat Shalom ©






  1. Wonderful message.. thank you

    On Sat, Aug 10, 2019, 4:32 PM JESUS LOVES YOU (thedreamyactiveinertbrain) wrote:

    > kristel jenny posted: ” LET’S ENCOURAGE OURSELVES IF NOBODY DOES. There’s > no help crying over spilled milk. Instead of wallowing into your pity party > or anxiously trying to change your situation, why don’t you just change > your perspectives? If you can’t change your circ” >

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