To the ministers, you have been called to serve the Almighty God, not an organization. If you believe that Jesus Christ is your boss, then you must get guidance and counsel from your boss, not from your own plans. Don’t go to the east, to the west and copy or duplicate methods. Their methods may be a success, but it doesn’t mean it’s also applicable for you.
If you will go about doing something that is not according to what is God’s perfect will for you in heaven, at the end of your life, you will stand before Him, be careful, you may hear Him say, “I don’t know you.” Or He may say, “Did I ask you to do that? I did not ask you to do all these. I did not ask you to go to that place. Did I ask you to go there? No, you wanted to go. That’s your desire (own will).”
Let us not make the same mistakes as Bro Kenneth Haggin had when after his 16 years of pastoring a church, the Lord Jesus told him, “Now you are going to enter into the first phase of My ministry for you.” He was so shocked, he asked the Lord Jesus, “What do you mean by first phase? What about the 16 years that I did?” And Jesus smiled and said, “I did not ask you to pastor a church. I did not ask you to do that. It was never in my record.”
It’s never easy to pastor a church. Big headache. I always thank God I’m not a pastor, but I have great love for all pastors because they carry so much pain and brokenness in their hearts. It is not easy to be a pastor. It is easy to criticize a pastor, but you’ll never know the brokenness they go through before the throne of God. The Lord allowed me many times to see the hearts of pastors. I’ve seen them broken and bleeding. Your pastors may be good, bad or ugly, or may not be perfect one, but they are the best that God has given to you. If you he is not perfect, heaven thinks that you are not perfect.
(Going back to Bro Kenneth Haggin’s…) I was so shocked to read that…The Lord Jesus said, “16 years of ministry…is not in my records. I will not enter (list) that in my records. Only now when you’re going to enter in the ministry. This is the beginning of my perfect will for you.”
That is why it is really important to pray and seek the will of God. Let us not do any thing in the ministry without the revelation/ perfect will of God. That should be our ultimate goal.
At the end of your day (your life), this world will not give you a gold medal. You’re going to stand before the King of kings and the Lord of lords and He will ask you, “What have you done?” And what will you say on that day? All you degrees, your PhDs 1,2,3 or whichever it is…(titles), you can not bring them all to heaven, they could not recognize it. The only thing that is recognizable is the fruit of the Spirit. That is the ultimate test, not the millions of souls that you’re going to bring to heaven.
Where you will be in the realms in heaven depends on how a godly life you live on this earth.
(Quoted from Sadhu Sundhar Selvaraj preaching “Waiting on God”)

To God be the glory!

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