Upon knowing the death of Filipino comedian Chokoleit Garcia, whose a Dabawenyo, my heart has been shattered. Not because he is my “kababayan”, but because I pity the life he’d gotten. Was his life a waste? Who am I to judge? Was my life perfect? Certainly not. God is still purging, processing, refining and purifying me though the process is painful. And, are you not being process, too? For sure, you too!

What is life? According to King Solomon it is meaningless. All our toil, hard-work will all gone by. The work of our hand be left behind when we die, and we could not enjoy it in our eternal destination.
So, what it is if you gain the whole world (education, awards, titles and accomplishments, fame/ popularity, wealth, health, good looks, luxury of life) yet loses your soul (genuine eternal salvation)?

What do we need to invest our time the most?

What should we prioritize?

Temporary of Everlasting?

Which is more important to nourish: the body or the soul and spirit?
Our flesh or physical body decays yet we value it the most. We spend lots of money to make it beautiful and attractive…it’s as if we are making the dust beautiful but its nature (as it is, a dust, nothing but a dust) stinks, get old, inferior to other precious creation of God such as gold.

The reason God made humans from dust and not from gold is so that humans would remain humble as the earth is beneath, been trampled by feet, and so that we could not be like Lucifer who was created with much beauty and glory, that he became so proud. As high as any thing goes up, as low as it goes down. That’s the law of gravity.

Our nature—we are physical being: that’s what we live by on this earth. Our education system programmed our mind that we are physical beings. But, we must acknowledge that we are not only limited to physical body. We are SPIRITUAL beings inside our PHYSICAL bodies having a soul.

Our physical bodies remain on earth, returns to the dust as it is, a dust, it decays. Yet our soul (emotion, will) and spirit (mind) live forever and ever. So where do you want your soul and spirit dwells for eternity after your physical body dies?

There is no purgatory. There are only heaven and hell. How to prove this? It’s in the bible. Read the story of “The Rich Man and Lazarus” in Luke 16: 19-31.

While still alive we can choose our eternal dwelling. But how do we live our life in this earth? Do we only live by our own alone? Do we always justify our sinful nature by saying “This is me, I’m but a human, so I can not change my own, and no one can change me, if I’m an adulterer or gay . homosexual, I must be accepted by who I am, if I go to hell, I can not do anything about it because I can not change my situation.” It is the most pitiful conclusion. Is any thing hard for God? All things are possible if we believe. God can change you and me if we only let Him, if we accept Jesus Christ, if we will open our hearts to Him, He heals, He changes hearts, He delivers tha captives and sets them free. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow because He is GRACIOUS and God is LOVE.


PLEASE READ: Luke 12:22-32 (Do not Worry); Luke 12:35-40 (Watchfulness); Luke 12:13-21 (The Parable of the Rich fool)

To God be the glory!

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