On Nov.8,2018, I woke up from a dream at 6:45am. In my dream, we with other young people and young professionals were inside a building attending a conference or youth camp.

1. While it was not yet started, we roamed around the area and saw other shops made of solid glass windows and glass doors. Suddenly, a strong rain came that caused a floodwater to rose over ankle-deep. That shop was still dry inside because its glass door was tightly shut against water leakage. I and my sister banged our bodies against the glass doors to test how strong it was. It was very hard.

We saw American man inside the shop, and when he decided to come out, opened the glass door, the flood water from the outside went inside the shop soaking the floors.

Then, I saw a handicapped child lying helplessly on the floor of that shop. He seemed sick. I was worried, he might get soaked by water. But, on my surprise, as I opened the door to enter in, he was gone and he turned to be a healthy and happy man lying on the sofa. I felt embarrased when they told me there was no handicapped child there. Also, as I opened the glass door of that shop so that I can get in, the flooded floor instantly dried up.

WISDOM: American guy represents America; and the Shop represents church or connection to God.

*When America decided to leave the church or be separated from God, calamity will strike the U.S.A.
*When I was compassionate to help that sick and handicapped child, instantly he got healed and grew up, that he didn’t ever remember he once got sick.
*The church/ nation will be restored to God if we are compassionate/ caring to help the sick/ handicapped in it.

To God be the glory!

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