Dream (blood, hell)

Nov.3, 2018

I woke up at 1am today from a dream which really burdened me. At first I couldn’t understand it but the moment I prayed, wisdom comes from the Lord. My dream went like this.

1. In my dream, my whole body was surrounded by blood, that is why I was spared when others were thrown into hell. I was saved. It was as if a judgment day when we waited our eternal destiny: heaven or hell. Yet, when the blood all over my body was removed, dirts remained which means I have nothing to be proud of, still I am a worthless rag full of dirts. It’s only by the grace of God, by His precious blood that covers me that I was protected and spared from hell, when all others went down straight there.

2. I, with other intercessors were in an open area near a sea port. Yet, we could see a kingdom underneath the water. It represents China and Korea. The other intercessor encouraged me to go there but I saw it’s overwhelmingly steep and deep, although it really looked enticing place but it is hard to enter in because it’s quite dangerous. The water is so quiet, still and crystal clear but the thought of diving into the water to just enter a place held me back.

3. Another intercessor and me had an assignment—-that is to paint the boxes / cartons with blue and red after we have been saved from hell. —End of dream.

Blue = Galatians 5:22, “But the fruit of the Spirit [the result of His presence within us] is love [unselfish concern for others], joy, [inner] peace, patience [not the ability to wait, but how we act while waiting], kindness, goodness, faithfulness..”

Red = Romans 3:25, “whom God displayed publicly [before the eyes of the world] as a [life-giving] sacrifice of atonement and reconciliation (propitiation) by His blood [to be received] through faith. This was to demonstrate His righteousness [which demands punishment for sin], because in His forbearance [His deliberate restraint] He passed over the sins previously committed [before Jesus’ crucifixion].”

To God be the glory!
My life and time is not wasted here…still God is order. Thank u Lord for this significant dream. I know this dream is also for u so I am sharing this with you!

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