Which day is truly a Sabbath day?

When I was just a baby Christian, I ask God which truly is a true sabbath day? Which day is the right day to worship You Lord? .. because the 7th Day Adventist church claims it is Saturday and the Charismatic church claims it is Sunday. Is it Saturday or Sunday? So I waited on God.

Then He answered, “When you’re truly set free within you, from your mind, from your self, each day is a Sabbath day.”

Then everyday at any moment wherever you are, you are in the presense of God, to talk with Him, to worship Him, not just in a church, not just in a said time.

Then you can start to live a life of 2 Corinthians 6:16 where it says you are the temple of God and He dwells within you, walks in you, talks in you. When you reach that stage, each time you close your eyes, you are transported, translated into the garden of eden. That garden is not far away, it is within you.

Read. Luke 17:21, so you must learn to cease from all works and enter into that rest so that you can enter into that kingdom within you, within the twinkling of an eye, you are translated into that realm. And you will learn that you are in this world and in that world at the same time. Does it sound too sci-fi? No, this is the real thing..which the theological church has lost for ages..eversince the church entered into dark ages in the 1st century.

-Sadhu Sundhar Selvaraj


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