July 25, 2018—Dawn today, I dreamed of the Lord Jesus. In my dream, He called me to meet Him in a café to report to Him my whereabouts and to particularly know the progress of my assigned task.
I was so excited to meet Him like a child to her dad. He was full of love, kindness and gentleness, yet also with great authority. He never acted like a boss towards me but automatically I felt the holy fear towards Him, that I as a servant must obey my master. Yet, in spite of the holy fear, I felt more secured and loved.
He told me to return to Him all the books I completely read. These are the gospel books including devotionals, bibles, biographies of God’s generals/ servants, books for missions and missionaries and other spirit-filled books I had read. Some of these I bought from a bookstore while some are borrowed from our bible school’s library. I was amazed by their numbers, it’s quite a lot. I knew all of them. I know I had read them all. Though in reality (not in my dream), some of these books are not returned to me by the people who borrowed it and some are already in others hands as gifts. But, surprisingly, in my dream, they are all intact in my hand-carry bag.
Anyway, Jesus told me to return them all to Him since He is the real owner of those spirit-filled books. (These books do not include educational or secular books; God only claims His books are those published materials that edifies the spirit.)
I told my sister about it and she handed me her books including her bible and 2 devotional pamphlets to return them to Jesus. So, when I met Jesus in that exclusive café (there’s nobody inside that café except me and Jesus), I was a little scared since I knew I have to report to my Master. I was like a soldier to report to my general whether I completed my task or did my job well or not.
But the thing that really caught my attention were the books. Jesus did not care about the other books, I mean I have read all kinds of stuffs (since I’m a bookworm) including recipe books, fashion books, political books, newspapers and magazines, art books, and other non-essential books. These might be educational and entertaining but don’t edify the spirit nor helps me grow spiritually. That’s why I believe Jesus didn’t collect them all. He’s not interested in them. I knew that He only cares if I completed the task He asked me to do and that is to study His words.
WISDOM: This brought me to realization. When it’s time to face our final judgment, we can’t boast our earthly accomplishments to God. We can’t say, I’m well learned, educated or highly esteemed on earth nor say I have done this or that, because all of those are rubbish in His sight especially if He didn’t ask you to do such and such. What matters to Him is our obedience, to just do His “desires” or “will” for us because He knew what’s best for us.
Going back to my dream. Jesus was sitting on a chair; the table was empty. He asked me to sit in front of Him. He lovingly told me, “Starting today, let’s meet regularly, I’ll treat you into restaurants similar to this and you’ll eat whichever food you like.” I was dumbfounded. It sounds like a reward to me.
He continued, “But for the meantime, we can’t start eating unless several others which I invited to come would arrive.” So I waited. Suddenly, a double-decked bed appeared. I lay on the bed until my second year high school classmate arrived. She’s tired and a little arrogant pushing me away from the bed to give way for herself because of her present status now in life. She has become very wealthy.
Jesus was expecting my cousin but she didn’t arrive. Then, a woman I knew from a church I used to attend arrived. She’s very beautiful and was also tired and sweating. She was so focused on her beauty and started to put on heavy make-ups on her face. There were several people who also arrived. I did not know them. Finally, a former classmate from junior high arrived. She’s also tired and sweating from a long walk. Yet, she’s so full of energy. In fact, she started to talk a lot about her personal testimony, reminding me of our ups and downs, of how God was so good to us. Most of the people in that room got tired of waiting and started to sleep …however as they hear us talking, they awoke and were encouraged. –END OF DREAM.


WISDOM: Each of us have roles. That role includes encouraging people around us. We need to know our own status or relationship with Jesus. We need to encourage one another. The waiting for the time to dine with Jesus might be very long, that’s why most of us get tired and fall asleep. Yet, if some of us are spiritually awake and alert, we need to testify, share how Jesus gave us hope to patiently wait on Him so that they will be encouraged to do the same. My dream, I believe also illustrates a parable about the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25:1-13 used by Jesus to warn listeners to be spiritually prepared.
The truth is, yesterday, bad thoughts came to mind. I started to question things I didn’t understand especially about unfulfilled expectations. Because of this dream, I remember the very thing God wants me to do in this season, to spend time with Him alone and study His words. For this, I repented. I was overjoyed, because those days I spent studying, reading, studying, reading were not in vain. I did not do it by my own, it was God’s will.
There might be some simple things that God would ask of you to do, do it, obey Him since in due time, you will be rewarded.

READ: Revelation 22: 7-17
To God be the glory!

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