Upon waking up today at 9:30 am., the Holy Spirit impressed on me and instructed me to write an article about depression.

People especially loved ones of depressed people mostly treat them differently, avoiding them out of fear due to their unpredictable behavior—oftentimes showing violence or exaggerating emotional outburst, and worse, of killing themselves.

If family and friends know how to deal or treat them, they could easily be helped with, if not, family and friends who are ignorant about this could make the matters worse.

Here are 7 ways to help people suffering depression:

  1. Show them and make them feel they are normal people.
  2. Do not fear them nor be intimated to them.
  3. Empathize with them and always offer your ears to listen to them—this may lead to a deeper counseling.
  4. Do not let them feel alone.
  5. Genuinely show them you care and love them.
  6. Assure them the love of Jesus Christ towards them through Scriptures, witnessing or personal testimonies about the blessed assurance you have with Jesus.
  7. Initiate indoor or outdoor activities they can’t say NO to participate in. These activities may not necessarily require intellect or mental aptitude. Your goal is just to divert or develop their focus into more positive outlook.








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