I gradually became a minimalist since 2009 after I graduated from college and passed the board (license) exam for teachers that same year, so I thought I needed to burn some of my notebooks from elementary to college when I realized I didn’t need them anymore.

Then on 2014, I piled all my books (including the books I bought) and gave it away to students who would need them. Next, I burned my paper stuffs–stationaries, journals, diaries since high school and both original manuscripts and published pockets books and magazines I wrote.

The list went on and on with my clothes and shoes….and other things. It’s all worth to throw and gave it all away. I was freed from materialism at some point in my life.

For years, I’ve given away precious gadgets and I don’t regret.

Some people would think those actions were extremely wasteful, but once you decided to let go of material things, part of your life attached to those things which of course includes bad memories, will also depart AWAY from you. You’ll see once you’ve done this, you’ll be RELEASED, DELIVERED, FREED from your self-will.

Though guys, I don’t encourage you to do the same. It really depends on you. Recently, I’m fond of collecting shoes since I see it as part of necessities. I don’t consider of giving them away, unless some things come up. Storing and giving away are equally important for a balance life.

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