Near-death and heaven experience

This post was from June 5, 2013 in my blog. I wanted to share my near-death and heaven experience in 2007.


“Another dream came, which I thought would be the last. This time was totally different because I had had cardiac arrest after I struggled on a scene. I heard few testimonies about near-death situations, but I couldn’t believe it myself because it’s kind of strange and others were also based on movies which I believed to be purely fictional. However, to see and hear had proven it right when I encountered it myself.

It came out to be like, in my dream I was being bellowed and blown by a strong wind saying, “Come on, it’s your time….”  I struggled not to go but I failed. While I’m flying by the wind’s strong force (in my dream), my heart ached, I mean my body literally felt it, no longer in the dream, but while lying on my bed. I couldn’t breathe.

Then, I started to visualize myself, my life and the time moved back in the past from where it starts like a bullet. I couldn’t explain how it felt because I almost got deaf by the noise I heard while electromagnetic waves were still working through my nerves. Then I saw lots of numbers moving. I couldn’t count it because my mind was being tortured by the strong force I couldn’t understand what was. Then, still like a bullet, the numbers started its counting from millions to 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 and negatives….. like in the hospital’s ER which meant the person is dead. The last time I remembered from that scene was I saw myself on my bed choked out and suffocated after I heard a loud deafening bell.


Next, the scene was no longer in my bed but in a wide hall, all white with its walls and ceilings so wide. I saw myself wearing white clothes. Suddenly, a book appeared in my hand. A man in white clothes also appeared in front of me to read the Book. I saw my name written in it and next to it was letters formed “KEEPER OF THE APOSTLES” which I until now couldn’t understand. After which, I was told to go back to where I came so I can make used of my purpose.

Finally, I traveled from space down into my bed where my body laid. The transition was so torturing because my soul entered straight in to my body that it bounced back because of the intensity of its impact. I felt its force and right then I knew that I wasn’t just dreaming. Still catching up my breath and holding my chest due to unbearable pain from within, I whispered some prayers.


Weeks after the incident, my heart was still in pain. I hardly breathe. They said, I had experienced cardiac arrest due to emotional tension right before I slept.  Emotional tension as I learned is due to stress, depression or frustration which you haven’t set free by the help of your defense mechanism.”

The dream and the gift…

Somehow even until now, I still could dream of some strange events that came into reality such as funerals or death, accidents, weddings, career, etc. not just of me but also of others who are close to me. I just wonder how JOSEPH the dreamer (in the Old Testament) felt when he was given the gift of predicting the future through his dreams. Was he ever afraid or doubtful of it? All of us have gifts.  It’s just how we make used of it to glorify GOD who is the author of all gifts. To GOD be the glory!


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