“Numbers and their meanings”

777 = God’s number.  7+7+7= 21 (2+1 =3 which means the Father, the Son Jesus and    Holy Spirit)

666 = Satan’s number.

1 – Totality. We must seek God in His totality.
2 – Separation, detachment and partition. We should separate and detach ourselves from the world. We must crucify our flesh.
3 – Change. We must change.
4 – Power of God. We must be filled or clothed with the power of God.
5 – Hand of God. We must seek the hand of God in our lives.

7 – Perfection. We must work and seek perfection.

10 – Grace.

12 – God head.


Lucifer fell with crowns 8, 9 and 11.
But, God has 12 crowns, that’s why Jesus chose 12 disciples.

When you go to church, you must not skip steps, you must not be given position just like that, but must go through the process of maturing.

Jesus said, “When someone comes to church, he must seek God, he must be separated with the world, he must be changed, he must be in the presence of God, he must be perfected.”


source: a heaven visit, a talk with Jesus Christ/ peniel ngonde

To God be the glory!

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