Movie Review: Love finds you in Charm

“Everyone said that they have faith in me to make the right choices. But what I really needed was faith in myself, faith that I would know the answers when they came. Sometimes God willing, we find our answers in another (people)…to someone who is the first person who we wanted to go to tell things. Someone who’s always interested in what we have to say. Someone who’s our best friend. And someone who loves you. This is where we belong.” -modern prodigal daughter Emma

from the Hallmark movie: Love Finds You in Charm.

REACT: As human, we always explore new things…go anywhere to find the answers to our questions. To succeed in our dreams, never stopping until we are satisfied. But at the end, we become frustrated and still dissatisfied because we tend to become self-centered neglecting Him who truly cares and loves us.

But in spite that we become faithless and went to the wrong direction, He remains faithful and merciful to pull us back to His loving arms just like how a prodigal son was welcomed back by his loving father. Thank you Lord God.

To God be the glory!


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