Why bible is the most neglected book today? and, why men won’t read the Holy Bible?

Reasons why men won’t read the Holy Bible:

1. Strengthens conscience – men wants to have a weak conscience so that it could do whatever he wants to do.
2. Wounds pride (self righteous, hypocritical proud people)
3. exalts Jesus up and puts Him above all other name,
it puts Him above human level
4. Disturbs routine
5. Exposes sin
6. Demands obedience


God’s timing

It’s not about the amount of time that you serve the Lord, it’s about the quality of the time and when God calls you.
If you do it your own way and timing, it won’t work, but if you do it in God’s way and on His timing, it’ll work. – Angus Buchan

To God be the glory!