Book Review: Renewing, Re-programming the mind

—The mind of a Christian is our greatest battlefield. We fought against temptation, lies, negative thoughts, accusation, evil thoughts, fearful thoughts, depressing thoughts, thoughts of self-pity, confusing thoughts, etc. The author said, “The enemy will try to take our mind, and Satan knows if our mind is knocked out, if our thinking is wrong, the whole person is out.” So, we need a clear, sharp, renewed mind if we are going to walk with the Lord in any degree of clarity and reality. Incompatibility between our spirit and our mind is one of the greatest hindrances to walking with God in the Spirit.

Nothing in a person’s life is closer to the spirit than his mind. The mind is the mechanism for learning matters in the intellectual and materials realms; your spirit is the mechanism for perceiving realities in the spiritual realm. You can’t walk with God in the spirit without your mind playing complementary role. When your mind is free and released, you open a doorway for God’s light to flow to you, hence getting your thought life aligned with God and His word and His purposes and the way He thinks.

Let’s talk about the brain. Again, it was mentioned by the author that your mind is vitally important link in enabling you to hear from God; Satan will attack your mind. This is an area which is used by Satan to get entry into your life. How? Through the eye gate, hearing gate and emotions. Essentially, temptations and thought can’t’ be separated.

Understanding the brain, we knew that it does not originate thought. It cannot think, it’s purely a computer. It can process thoughts—thoughts can be injected, store, played back, and can be put together by our brain because it’s a computer, and can come to conclusions.

However, the brain can’t think of itself, it needs a mind. Just like a computer which needs a mind to use it—the operator.

But the brain can be programmed, with bad and good things, with truth and error. The problem is if we can get wrong programming in there. The scariest thing, who or whatever programs your mind. When programs in your brain are triggered, that program will run, affecting your behavior pattern. That program will run, and that will be your life. The way you think will determine how you walk, what your life is. And Satan will try to program your brain.

How our mind is influenced by outside forces—by our five senses; hearing, touching, smelling, tasting. Also, it is influenced by role models. Celebrities like Lady Gaga whose name means insane is followed by teenagers particularly. So their thinking of that model is then programmed into them—the way they act and dress. The programming comes across—concepts, values and so on.

Another way to influenced …is spirit transmission—by revelation from God and by evil spirits. Our brain is vulnerable to spirit influence—by God or from the kingdom of darkness. It is designed, you see, by God to be operated by spirit, and that makes it vulnerable because there’s more than one spirit, more than the Spirit of the Lord around, all kinds of spirits. These spirits can program your brain; they can inject thoughts, they can put in wrong programming into your brain. So we are made, we can be influenced by the spirit realm and if we accept that influence, over a period of time, you accept it, it will join itself to you. It will become part of you, and it will attach itself.

The brain can be programmed by spirit transmission because your own spirit, evil spirits or God in your spirit can originate thought, revelation which once it becomes illumination; it’s into your brain.

According to the author, “Your brain can be programmed through what we call revelation from God, and by the evil spirits. If you entertain, and not reject, and receive these evil thoughts, they are programmed into your brain.

But sometimes, it just entered into you through passivity. You haven’t rejected it enough to close the door when it comes. That’s why whatsoever things that are of good report, only think of those things. Filter it out, resist and reject them immediately with the help and enabling of the Holy Spirit. There are demons, there are lying evil spirits. The Bible tells us that he from the beginning was the father of all lies. So, he’ll sit there and lie to you, quite often about other people.  And then deluded Christians call that ‘discernment’. They have a thought about someone else, something is wrong—dadadada—and they haven’t filtered it out, and after awhile they think they’re getting discernment. And they are deceived by a deceiving, lying spirit.

God will lower the hedge because He wants you to put on the helmet. So he comes on and drops the hedge and you go, “Why am I thinking like this?” All kinds of terrible thoughts, you know, you see, you’ve got to be bad. You know that something is really wrong with you. God just drops the hedge. He kept the hedge right in, and kept certain things out. Now He says, “Alright, I’m going to let in.” These spirits crowd in, put thoughts into your mind and…now at that point God says, “You’ve got to grow up. You’ve got to control the way you think.”

Phil 4:8 “Whatsoever things are good, pure, lovely, of good report, if there any virtue, think of these things.”

The mind needs to be renewed, re-programmed—one of the greatest hindrances to walking with God in the Spirit is the unrenewed mind, the natural mind with all wrong programming; lies stored in it. When your head is saying one thing and your spirit another, you have confusion. When God is speaking to you and your brain does not agree with what God is saying, that communication from the Lord will be confused at best, totally rejected at worst. God is after compatibility between mind and spirit. Our mind needs to be renewed, re-programmed by God. The problem arises when you come to the realm of faith, your brain objects. The natural mind—your brain—is an enemy of God.

Romans 8:6, “To be carnally (or naturally) minded is death…” “…but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. The carnal mind is enmity against God.

A narrow mind will limit the ability of God to speak to you about great things, large things.

How our mind can be renewed, re-programmed

  1. By revelation from God, the engrafted Word—the more revelation you get, the more your mind is renewed. Once mind begins to be renewed, you will begin to hear more clearly the voice of the Lord.
  2. By the presence of God—Learn to focus on the Lord. When you’re in the presence of God, you’re being changed by the Spirit of God. Your brain is becoming compatible with your mind which is spirit. And when those two merge, you will walk as Jesus walked. You will walk in the Spirit.

Your brain is programmed the way God thinks. There’s no incompatibility. Re-programming— the presence of the Lord, rhema of God, revelation becoming illumination which changes the programming in your mind. So your brain begins to think how God thinks.

  1. By the fire of the Holy Spirit —the power of the Holy Spirit can erase false programming in your brain, and that can happen through the administration of God which we call fire. Fire goes through and it wipes out everything that’s not of God, and only what remains which are of God will get a reward of it.

Finally, take responsibility for your mind. Take it back from the enemy. It’s a fight, he, the devil is going to lie to you all the way, down the way. It’s his favorite way—LYING TO CHRISTIANS either about themselves—he’ll lie to you about yourself and how you feel about yourself—or he’ll lie to you about other Christians. We’ve got a bit work to do, but if you understand how it works, you can approach it with clarity and with faith.

CONSECRATION IS REQUIRED OF YOU HEAD. It means to set aside for God, set it aside to God. Because of consecration of your mind, you are limiting yourself to what you allow input in, input in, what you allow—input, entry. You are limiting yourself. Consecration requires cutting your brain off from certain things and it also requires exposure to the presence of the Lord and His Word.

(source: Keys to the Kingdom; author: Neville Johnson)

to God be the glory!



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