I’m so blessed by this testimony: when I am weak, I’m strong

1. Being strong or trying to look strong is overrated. It takes a big man to say “I’m sorry…” or say, “I have problems.”

You are coward or weak if your covering your weakness by saying, “I’m ok.” even if you’re not.

Sometimes trying to hide our weaknesses is our biggest weakness. Our biggest strenght is talking about our weaknesses. Apostle said, “I delight in my weaknesses, hardships, insults,….” because he is a freeman, he can talk about his weaknesses.

The more we recognize our weaknesses, the more we see God bigger,more, mightier, our dependency on Him increase. And when you come to that place, you’re at the beginning of your healing.
2. Somebody does something so small, but if your reaction is so big..then there’s something else..inside of you, hidden, hurt or bitterness or pain…then here it comes…is called transffering of anger. Hurt people wanted to hurt people intentionally or unintentionally.

3. To give up on something is so different with surrendering.
You can surrender to God acknowledging that He’s bigger than your circumstances. You can not surrender to your problem or ran away from it or trying to cover or ignore it, that’s not facing your Goliath (giant), however you can surrender them (your problems or your giants) to God.

To God be the glory!


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