weeds vs cobwebs


At dawn today, I have had a dream.
In my dream, I was heading to a christian church, wherein all the members/workers of that church were so busy cutting, trimming and clearing the bushes, weeds and grasses outside the church (in the front yard).
All of them are busy. I actually had a hard time reaching the door of that church due to the collective bodies of Christians outside busy cleaning.

When I got into the church, I needed to pass through a long alley like a maze. I noticed that the walls inside are full of dirt and cobwebs. So I asked myself,”How could they not notice the mess around here inside when inside the church is more important than outside (the front yard)?”

Wisdom: We may see the church as organize as it is in the surface, (looked kind, religious, gentle,prayerful, full of knowledge and wisdom, good at preaching or ministering, spirit-filled, highly spiritually gifted) so true…but we can not see the inside of one’s hearts.


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