Missing you already…TT TT…I know if may kukunin si Lord, me ipapalit siyang mas da best pa…may you all rest in peace (though you’re only pet, you’d been part of us…making us happy  and teaching us to love unconditionally.) ❤ ❤ ..

Lesson learned: God is a jealous God.
His word, “All the first fruits are mine.” was so audible when I was pleading on Him not to take the  life of the last one alive but was dying..

Three times she (Cheezy, the last one standing after the three kittens died on the same day…weeks before hers) woke me up in bed at 12 midnight of July 1st, 2016. There I started to notice that she was dying, choking, striving to breath…I tried to help her…but…

@ 1:30 am the Holy Spirit told me, “Get inside since I’ll take her life before 3 o’clock.”

Same is true, as I get in and went out to check on her, there she lied dead at 2:45 in the morning.

#Exodus 13:12
you shall devote to the LORD the first offspring of every womb, and the first offspring of every beast that you own; the males belong to the LORD.

To God be the glory!

Here are some of their pictures…

IMG_7247IMG_7243Front: Cheezy

Rear: YR



Cheezy, looking at the camera..


Jolina and YRIMG_7246


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