this blog’s 3rd anniversary!

Three years passed since I started writing in this blog “thedreamyactiveinertbrain” in My third anniversary which was supposedly celebrated June 5th, this year was not at all remembered due to some more important tasks.

In my humble beginnings, I remembered praying to God, “Since you had assigned me this task, you’d provide me followers, since how could I keep on writing without an audience.” He then provided me with followers reaching into more than a thousand worldwide with which the majority come from the U.S.

I had received several invites to write to a larger platforms, but I declined them  knowing they only serve for secular and business purposes. I need also nurturing as a writer so I could have had accepted the offers, but as I looked back on my own site’s homepage with the blog title and at the bottom saying, “This blog is created nothing and less of me, but of God’s great power, sustenance and control over me.” it gave me a strong reason to decline.

There may be few other invites from other websites/ blog-sites this month and more to come in the future that I may accept or not; my only concern is to serve the Lord God, He’s my biggest audience.

To God be the glory!


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