TRENDING: “What you behold, you become”


‪#‎TRENDING‬ on social media
“What you behold, you become”
You become like what you idolize.

For example, TV personalities and celebrities wants attention.
– through ‪#‎Seducing‬ spirit…they are seducing you that you may become just like them..

‪#‎The‬ lust of wanting to get attention.—This is the New Age Movement

Seducing spirits in high places
Promoting selfish
‪#‎spirit‬ of selfishness
‪#‎Lucifer‬ wants to be worship in the high places.

To do whatever they can to get attention are attention seekers.

‪#‎Kim‬ Kardashian who is the queen of “Selfie” – is a cult leader of a new age movement (worshiping others other than God is already considered as a cult leader)
she has a—self worship….
promoting “me me me, look at me, I want the world to look at me…”
SELFIE-shness..pride, idolatry, boasting spirits–she have all these spirits.

Taking a selfie is not necessarily a bad thing but when it gets too much to the point where it becomes an obsession and you can not live without it, that became a danger to your self.

Here’s the process: From obsession to take photos of yourself (SELFIE) —-> admiration to your self —-> self worship

The bible says in #2 Timothy 3:2
“People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy..”

Social media now is based upon trends so people do stupid things and then they get the “LIKE”, when they get the “LIKES” they feel good.

The Kardashians for example, when they don’t get the likes and when they see that the world are not looking on them or not paying attention to them, they do stupid things like talking pictures on themselves naked, sex tapes, and doesn’t care what they do, and the world start talking about them…and many young people are following them and worship them.

This SELFIE trend are actually spiritual movements.

Selfishness is putting your wants first over your need.

(this is just a brief summarize transcription of the full video, just watch below)

The Demon of Kim Kardashian Unveiled & EXPOSED! MUST SEE + Share!



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