How can you prove God is real?


awesome beauty of nature…created by a real and living God. I watched a movie entitled “The Rapture” yesterday and there’s this American professor who’s an atheist. He has made his students depend a thesis study on the existence of God and one student answered his question “How can you prove there is God?” The black american student answered, “Well, look around, the trees, the sky, the animals, aren’t they proof?” Yeah, indeed, an iPhone or a computer did not just existed by itself. Someone or somebody created them. Same goes with everything in this earth. Someone or somebody which is not dead must have created it all. And who else can, but GOD. 1524044_807262582651687_2390060366635637646_o

(this photo was taken 1 and half year ago in a remote place in Southern Philippines in one of our mission trips and evangelism.)


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