Glorious church

Today is the 1st Sunday of the year and we experience God’s glorious presence and His visitation in the church. Indeed, we can never program or control the Holy Spirit’s move in our midst.

God wants us to be a glorious church.
Look at Jesus as our example demonstrating how he suffered and become glorious!

The Old covenant states  love your friend and hate your enemies. But in the New Covenant Jesus said, “Love your neighbour and do good and bless those who hurt you, persecute you and falsely states against you…this is loving your enemy. If you’re asked to walk with 1 mile, go an extra mile…”

2016 is the year of great harvest for God’s kingdom.
To harvest, we need to sow a seed, and the question is…what kind of seed have we planted?

‪#‎just‬ arrived home
‪#‎so‬ blessed!
‪#‎church‬ revival
‪#‎glorious‬ church
‪#‎great‬ awakening


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