POPE must be read as Peace Obeys Purity Enduringly

September 26, 2015–While waiting upon the Lord from 8:00 – 8:37 in the morning, I saw a vision. This was a consistent one.


First, Pope Francis wrestled with a man wearing all black but he was defeated.

Second, Pope Francis was inside an evacuation/ relief operation center. However, he did not act and looked loving, generous, gentle or compassionate. His aura is opposite to the way he used to looked like and act in front of many people. In fact, he pushed the people out, throwing them away, unwilling to help them. He had that irritation in his face looking at them.

Third, at different location, I saw a temple. Out from the main door came a procession in a synchronized movement full of treasure boxes. Innumerable… and with the procession the only person I saw was the Pope Francis. I can’t understand or know what those materials I see because this was the first time I saw this kind of stuff but as how I describe it, it looks like or similar but not close to treasured chest in ancient times like in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It maybe is made up of wood or metal, I don’t know but it’s a solid rectangular treasure chest…uncountable.

. . .

. .


Last week, while I waited upon the Lord, I saw a vision of people protesting on the streets…then the pope appeared. The angry mob turned towards him and hit him…out of anger. They continually were hitting him with objects they carried.

I don’t have any idea why the Lord showed me this vision because I already committed to continue to fast or abstain from TV, etcetera. I don’t want to be updated with current events for the meantime but I suppose this vision about the pope and the forwarded message were already news. I had not realized I still have phones on . . . [sigh].

Suddenly I remembered while in bed asleep still last week, I saw a night vision. I saw a bold number 18.

I asked the Lord for wisdom what that number was for. It could be number of days or an exact date, I thought.

Finally, the wisdom came. I had started my 7 days isolation, praying and fasting on the 7th of September, 2015 so I started counting 18 from that day…and so the 18th day from the 7th of September is September 25, 2015! Wow, I thought 2+5=7, is God’s perfect number…maybe God prepared a blessing for me on that day or maybe He wanted me to do something, so I need to wait on Him on that day.


Same is true. On the 24th of September, I was led by the Holy Spirit to hear an audio preaching, this was a conference held in Israel and the prophetic speaker talked about Israel and suddenly I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for Israel and Muslim brothers all over the world. I don’t know what to pray or how to pray for them so I just prayed in the Spirit then groaned and groaned.

Hours after that, my aunt came and told me, “Today is Israel’s New Year’s day.” I was amazed. In my mind, I thought, “Aunt, you just came to tell me that?”

At the same time, a prophet friend of mine sent me a forwarded message which says:

Ptr Lindsay Williams, emergency notice 2 all CHRISTIANS, 2 b aware today. The White House of AMERICA slowly neglected the BIBLE…the POPE announced to have a new world, all Roman Catholic obeyed unconditionally to have mark 666, this will be implemented on September 25, 2015, see Revelation 13: 16-18. Christians be Watchful, be prayerful and be in CHRIST…*Pls spread* (forwarded msg)”

I also learned from our neighbor that September 25th, 2015 was a Muslim holiday.


While I was a little alarmed upon this message, the Holy Spirit told me to read my Bible and it was opened in Deuteronomy 31:6 which says, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

But to the readers especially to those real Christians, we must not be comfortable enough with the world. What I mean is let us not settle with “it’s okay to fast but it’s also okay not to, it’s okay to pray for others but it’s also okay not to, I’ll just pray today and not tomorrow…or I’ll pray later, God can wait…” which is not good. God calls the church a house of prayer not a house full of programs and entertainment. Let’s push each other to God. Pray unceasingly means 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. If we don’t pray, we can’t make the angels work; we’ll lose the battle if we can’t move heavens to do something on our behalf.


eBible verse of the Day: Depend the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31:9 “Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.”

September 23, 2015

Dawn– I woke up at exactly 4am from a dream:

I travelled back in time in my grandparents’ house in Kidapawan. My late grandparents looked so young in my dream exactly as how they looked like when I was still in highschool. Inside the house was my uncle who’s about to go back home to his family. So we’re making special soup for him that needs coconut milk and we need to grate coconut manually. My grandma decided to work outside to be alone with me. As we went outside, we’re frightened by a man who’s lying on the neighbor’s roof. He seems devising an evil plan against us, seem waiting for a predator.

We continued to prepare the dish the next day. My grandpa had dug a kind of small pit. Across it was like a bridge so that we can work there. All the mess will automatically drop down to the pit. Then I heard my grandpa calling me, “Kri, I’ll finish mine first, wait for the grater until I finished because I have a special visitor to attend to.” So grandma and I were a little dismayed because there’s only one grater.

Then we transfer to a small cottage located beside our big house. I started ministering to my grandma. I said, “Lola, the Lord Jesus showed me and told me that while on earth it’s still possible to repent but not at all when we’re already dead. Lord Jesus showed me you’re in hell, it’s a privilege that we’re still here alive and received this warning.” So I persuaded my grandma to repent and teach her how to accept Jesus as savior but she’s so close minded and arrogant. She’s so unwilling to accept the good news.

I was in a verge of frustration because I was so eager to help her when suddenly she got lost. Nowhere to find. The Holy Spirit told me, “If others don’t want the good news, give it to others…” My mom in a split second appeared in front of me. The Holy Spirit continued, “If others are unwilling to eat the food that I offer, there are a lot of needy and poor who needs to be fed, give it to them instead.”

My mom also looked younger in this dream. I did the same. I persuaded my mom and said as to how the Lord showed and told me, “The Lord showed me and told me that you’re in hell but since you’re still alive (in the body), it’s possible to repent.” At first, my mom was reluctant wondering what her other sin was, she don’t know when to start. She asked me, “What will I do?”

I said, “The Lord Jesus said that you haven’t received because you asked not, so plead to the Lord to forgive you and ask Him to have a personal relationship with you.” We’re about to do the Sinner’s prayer when few individuals out of curiosity passed by distracting us. (END OF MY DREAM)


Is that dream from the Lord?, I asked myself. He has given me a task that I don’t know how to do. First, I doubt the dream about my mom because I knew she’s been born again for so long; I was not yet conceived from her womb when she became a Christian. Anyway, I narrated my dream to her and asked her few questions in order not to offend her or what. Then, she told me that she never prayed the sinner’s prayer or able to confess that she accepted Jesus as personal savior. She said she just knew and believed Jesus because majority of the people around her believe that there is God and He gave His Son to save the world.

After she repeated a very short and simple sinner’s prayer, she shared a lot and asked lots of questions (on my surprise) and was thankful. So we end up ministering each other.

I shared to her my personal experience: I saw a vision of myself (take note: this happened even I already was baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit and fire) being imprisoned with shackles on my feet in hell. This vision appeared to me twice or three times, it was so frightening revelation resulting to my repentance. God showed me that because of hatred I was already in hell, Satan had foothold on me-that’s my anger. So if I died that time I would have gone straight to hell. Only by the grace and mercy of the Lord that I was saved. A pastor friend of mine and a former co-worker in a mission also shared the same experience when he saw a vision of himself inside a prison cell in hell. This happened when he backslid prior to his calling in the mission. As a result, he repented and submitted to God’s will in his life.

You know what, I dreaded the time when the Spirit of the Lord was about to carry my spirit to hell (it’s a different experience, aside from the vision; I call this experience TRIP TO HELL.) Why? Because aside from the frightening image that you could see in hell, though you can’t see anything in the tunnel (this is the initial stage of the trip); there’s a total darkness there, you could as my personal experience literally felt the extreme heat (even my physical body was sweating though it’s only my spirit who’s being translated) and the feeling of hopelessness was there, of torment… so I was like begging, crying to the Lord because literally I was suffocated in that spiritual translational experience to hell. “Enough Lord, bring me up, bring me up, I don’t want to…” When I was back in my room I asked the Lord, “Lord I already seen and been to heaven, that gives me enough hope, but why do you need to let me check out hell…?” He answered, “So that you could share this to others.” After I heard that from Him, I felt I acted selfishly with self preservation. I was anxious for many days after that experience.

There’s a saying that I used to hear in local movies like, “Buhay ka pa pero ang kaluluwa mo’y sinusunog na sa impyerno.” (You’re still alive yet your soul is already being burned up in hell.) This saying is true. It’s possible for even a spirit-filled or regular churchgoer Christians to go to hell. We have to have Purity, Righteousness, Holiness, Doing the will of God, Having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, Abiding in His Word (grounded by it),Waiting on Him, Being His friend, and His bride. He’s coming for a perfect bride.

Let’s not give the enemy a foothold on us. If we don’t know where we went wrong, we can ask the Lord to bring to light what’s in our hearts so that we can confess (renounce and repent) and get rid of it (any hidden sin). With gifts of the Spirit we can still end up in hell so we better desire to have the fruit of the Spirit in us.


Have you been in a situation wherein you just believed God because others believe it as a fact but don’t even have a personal encounter with Him or a relationship with Him? It’s a privilege that we’re in a Christian nation where we have the access from believers to share to us or made Jesus known to us. So it takes miracle like a personal encounter from the Lord for those non-Christian nations who are not accessible to evangelism. There are lots of stories I’ve read about Christians in China, in the Middle East and other Asian countries who have known Jesus not because others told them about Him but because Jesus himself personally appeared to them. Because of His love and compassion, He doesn’t want us to fall ashtray and when He reveal Himself to us He knew we would respond because He know His sheep and as He said, “They will listen to me because they know their master’s voice.”