21 days in war zone

Before you start reading this, I would apologize for lots of dates mentioned here.

February 17, 2015 was the end of my first monthly medication so I went to the hospital for my final lab test. It was on the 19th of February that our family doctor gladly informed me of my fast recovery. My entire laboratory test went normal. He concluded, “The medicine just suites you, it’s so effective for you…you must be so lucky it’s not Hepa B (Hepa B is deadly) but only Hepa A…” I responded, “It’s just because of many prayers I received from my loved ones and colleagues.”

On the 20th of February 2015 I got ready, packed my things for Midsayap, North Cotabato. At first, my uncle as my direct guardian due to my parent’s absence didn’t allow me to travel far with my physical condition especially in critical places where guerillas (rebels, terrorists) highly mobilize. However, I insisted knowing I was tasked by God to position in prayer in those places and to relay His message. Finally, my uncle did allow me after hearing me say, “It’s only a week and it’s a safe place.” Yes, a prayer house consisting of a training center for missionaries, intercessors and God’s generals is indeed a safe place in spite of its location in the middle of a war zone because our BIG GOD is its defender and protector.

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Soon, we hear alarming news about wars nearby and civilian mostly Muslim brothers and sisters evacuated with numbers growing up to 4,000 and rebels camouflaged themselves with army uniforms. We corporately prayed unceasingly for 48 long hours pleading to God to have mercy on our land. Our corporate worship guided and manifested by the Holy Spirit becomes our Spiritual Warfare against the rulers, principalities of this dark world and of the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Our trainer later commented, “These young people could not feel tired, their so highly spirited…” while I myself was blowing the trumpet and others playing tambourines, guitar and beat box. All were just flowing in the Spirit. We groaned, we laughed, we danced and sang spiritual songs and prayed in tongues unceasingly. Our voice displayed weariness but our minds and hearts were on fire for God, enjoying His presence.

While the days passed, I was reminded by the inner voice within me to relay the revelation I got from the Lord—the main reason I was brought in that place.

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The later month of 2013 while I was still in Cebu, I dreamed of a very large and vivid letters and numbers which formed NOVEMBER 13, 2014. It was a significant date for me. I wonder what will happen on that day. I waited and fasted for 60 days since October 19 – December 18, 2014. And guess what, I almost forgot that significant date (November 13, 2014) because my focus was on my fast. Nevertheless, I woke up from a dream at dawn of November 13, 2014! At first I couldn’t remember of it but when I checked on my journal, I found the date which so surprise me.

This dream went like this:

Date: November 13, 2014

I was told by God Himself that Mindanao particularly Central Mindanao, North and South Cotabato’s in danger of war like how Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed. So I asked Him, “Is there any warning? How about the innocent people, the pastors and ministers living there, can’t they be spared?” The answer was uncertain whether the pastor and ministers’ family can be spared or will be given time to flee.

So I concluded, this calls for a collective prayer.

January 25, 2015- news on TV about the encounter between SAF police force and the MILF and BIFF with regards to terrorist Marwan and Usman so disturbed me. 44 police officers were killed which raise the public syphathy.


DAVAO city—on my bed while I was still packing my things for a three hour travel to my “Jerusalem”(my birthplace), Kidapawan city, to go to the hospital and visit some friends and relatives, I was told by the Holy Spirit to bring more clothes because I’ll proceed to Midsayap, North Cotabato after I could finish the hospital transaction. I was reluctant of the Holy Spirit’s promptings thinking I’ll only visit my colleagues there so I’ll probably would stay 1 week. So I disobey and brought clothes enough for 7 days! When I arrived in Midsayap, the host and our trainer was not happy of my one week stay. She said, “This is no hotel for you to spend time to get well or to have a vacation, this is a training center!” so I asked for a sign knowing that she wanted me to stay longer. During that time, there was no evidence of rain for the whole week, so I asked for a rain as a sign and it did rain! Then it was confirmed that God really send me there not just for a week but for weeks! As a result, I have to wash my clothes every day because of my disobedience.

The training was no joke. It’s no easy. It hits five aspects—physical, mental, emotional, economical and spiritual. It’s training for God’s generals! Many times I wanted to give up and go back home. One scenario as I was having my individual worship, we call it there “Jehoshaphat praise” which last from an hour or more, my right leg got numb. When I tried to take away the guitar and stood by my feet, I lost my balance and slipped on the floor and got ankle sprain on my right foot. That was after I thought and decided to go back home at my own will.

Second scenario happened a week after my sprain got well. As usual, I went upstairs to have my Jehoshaphat praise. Afterwards, I went to the garden, it’s about 4:30 pm, to water the plants and other vegetations. While I was doing so, my mind was running, I was planning to really go back home but I didn’t want to tell them. I wanted to escape. While still in the garden, an accident happened. A large nail which was stuck on a piece of wood, made its way to kiss my right foot. Half the size of the nail entered the back of my foot and badly wounded my flesh. Still I was able to remove it away from my foot. As I remember it’s the same foot that receives the attack every time I wanted to escape or go back home when it’s not yet time to go home.

LESSON LEARNED: I appreciated more the importance of our beautiful feet every time I had to crawl on the floor helplessly, almost crying from the pain. I could hardly walk and had to raise my heel every time I walked. They said, it’s the attack of the enemy because on that day we’re about to start our heavenly revolutionary prayer, a 48-hour corporate prayer and worship. I confessed, “Yes maybe because I go against the will of God…I wanted to shortened the length of my stay in that training because my mind is telling me to rest, telling me that I have a special sickness, which is a fact but never the truth since I am healed by the blood of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. It’s only I to claim my healing.

During the night, the wound was excruciatingly painful that they need to run me to the hospital. I received 3 injections. For six days, I was excused from my heavy loads and considered to be helped by my co-trainees. I felt like I was a burdensome to them. I cried out to God out of self pity, guilt and repentance. I learned a lot from that incident.

In spite of the peace, joy and comfort I received, there’s still something inside my heart that shouts, “I need to go back home…” but my mind was saying, “you have to finish the training.”

On the 10th of March 2015, three missionaries have to bid goodbye for Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. We’re sad, we’re left, and we also wanted to go with them…

On the 11th of March 2015 before 12 noon, I woke up from a dream. A very vivid MARCH 13 was shown in that dream with me packing my things, going back to Davao city and happily welcomed by my mom. I was happy with that dream but a little sad. At first, I did not believe my dream; they told me to hear more from God. I actually ignored that dream but on the 12th of March while everybody went to the farm except those who were having 40-days fasting; a prophet was sent to me. She asked me to pray to her. While I was praying I saw a vision, a light exploding. Then I told her of my dream with regard to March 13. She paused for a while and told me that she received a number, 21, through a vision I don’t know, she only asked me to count 21 from the day I arrived and found that March 12, that particular day was my 21st in that prayer house/training center. So it was confirmed that I had to go back home on March 13, 2015.

It was so amazing how her feet were guided by God to approach me and since I was asking the Lord for a confirmation and I was answered.

There’s so much joy in my heart not because I had to go back home but because it’s the sovereign will of God. I’m afraid to disobey Him again or to go against His commands. Twice I disobeyed by tying to escape and my right leg was struck twice,too.

LESSON LEARNED: Not to be another prophet Jonah.


My 21st day of stay in PH (prayer house) was a celebration. It coincides with a birthday celebration of our colleagues’ mom, the owner of the whole lot we occupied. My desire was even met by the Lord when they cooked special vegetarian spaghetti. As I remember I said, “I wish before I go back home I could eat Abby’s special spaghetti.”

I was comforted by the Lord many times while I’m in pain; my desire was met couple of times. I remember of wishing to eat a vegetarian meatball three days before I went back home. I almost lost hope of eating that vegetarian meatball because we’re so busy that day with our reading materials and we had to stay late to make up of our deadlines. We usually had our dinner at 5:30 to 6:00 pm and there’s no meal in between as part of our training to maximize our corporate reading, no such thing as midnight snack as we Filipinos usually have. So when our trainer announced that there’s a vegetable meatball prepared for us to be eaten at 10:30 that night, my eyes grew wide out of surprise. I did not even notice they cooked it. Or maybe I was somewhere else when the cooked had prepared it. The next day, I don’t want to call myself abusive of God’s mercy when I had wish to eat a noodle, any noodle or pasta, a soup or dry noodle does not matter as long as it’s a kind of noodle. My co-trainee agreed. She also desired to eat such. And guess what, less than 10 minutes after, the cook arrived from the market with the noodle, we call it “bihon”, because it was one of the admin staff’s birthday. We don’t even know there’s a birthday celebration on that day. We laughed so loud about it. It’s so amazing how fast and immediate God answers prayers.

And finally, on the 12th of March while we’re busy preparing for the food, I did a lot of chores and of walking. As a result, my wounded foot got so painful to the extent that I cried to God, “How could I go back home with this physical condition?”

At dawn on the 13th of March 2015, I woke up from a dream. In my dream, God showed me my feet and told me to stand on my feet flat on the ground and start walking normally as if I don’t have any wound. I did so and instantly, the pain was gone and I was healed and was able to walk normally in my dream. When I woke up, I wept. The dream seemed real. God talked to me like a father talked to His child! So I excitedly rose and slowly stood by my feet for the first time since I got wounded, making it flat on the ground. And my dream came true! The pain was gone as if I didn’t have any wound. So I removed the bandage telling, “I don’t need you anymore.”

Early in the morning as we gathered for a film show, I gave a testimony about a miracle that happened to me.

LESSON LEARNED: All things work together for good for all those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes. . .and faith without action is dead. Many times I declared I am healed but because of the pain, I was still limping and could not walk normally but when God intervened for me to put my faith into action, I was instantly healed.


Anyway, before I went back home on the 13th of March, I received a revelation and was confirmed by another prophet. I saw a scroll in my vision while I was praying and was told to go to our co-missionary who was confined in the hospital because of her Mayoma bleeding. They said ‘scroll’ represents a Word of God. So before heading to Davao, I dropped by in the provincial hospital in Kidapawan city to visit her and pray for her. While praying, I saw a vision: Psalms 23 and Muslim brothers and sisters. So I told her to meditate and declare Psalms 23 and to share the gospel to the Muslim brothers and sisters and later found out that she have Muslim in-laws. I was told she did not brought any Bible so the other Bible which I intend to give to my dad, I gave to her instead. I realized the perfect timing why that large Bible was left in that prayer house for so long and was brought back to me again was not for I thought it intends to be. God had used it as instrument to mend broken hearts, healed wounds and reconcile broken relationships. That said missionary had hurt me a lot. I already had forgiven her. But as I laid my hand on her to pray, I learned to love her more. It is in God’s word as the Israelites fasted, He said, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.”

These days (since we’re in the last days), you could no longer play church or play to God because He is so serious dealing with us. And it’s just so amazing how He uses and connects different kinds of people to be His vessel to accomplish His purposes.

To God be the glory!,


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