Blessings for the Philippines (24th National Prayer Gathering Excerpts on the Seven Cities’ Anointing)

Excerpts on the Seven Cities’ Anointing

Bro. Vincent Selvakumar

Session 10 Day 02 April 10, 2013

God’s seven spirits will come upon the land; fill the land and will be carried to other nations.

  1. LEGAZPI City – Prophetic anointing will be supreme in this city, coming like rain. Even in that small worship service, that anointing will manifest resulting to rising up of prophets from this city. Renowned prophets will rise up from this city. Youthful girls, old, young prophets will rise up from here.

The prophets that come from this city will be different that demonstrates the power of God to the world. You will be able to see many prophets in the bible. Some prophets only prophesy; some demonstrates the power of God to the world like Elijah. He did not write many prophesies like Isaiah and Ezekiel, he has not spoken many prophesies but he demonstrated the power of God. He commanded fire to come down. The prophets that will rise from this city will shake the nations of the worlds, even raise dead people, can do impossible miracles, and command the mountains and clouds. No one can stand them. They’ll answer by fire and flame; will prove God what is Science and wonders.

God said, “It will come to pass.” Whatever God intends to do, nothing will be stopped. Many young people rise up in great numbers, will not hide away or afraid from Ahab or Jezebel. Their hearts will be filled with boldness. They will open the rivers; they will walk on the waters like they walk on the road. The mighty hand of God will be with them. They will walk as the road on Moses hands.

That anointing will be poured on many churches and many small groups and many young people to see the word of God. Many people from other nations will come to your land to see the things of God. God will bring you to other nations. The Lord said, “You are witnesses to His glory.”

  1. CAGAYAN DE ORO City – Prophetic anointing will come upon this city says the Lord. The Lord’s rain will come upon this city continually, not only in the churches or in the places where people are gathered but even when people are walking on the streets, the rain will fall. The Lord will raise up youths for Him. They’ll be like flaming fire. They will be like people who will receive words from the Lord. They will be prophets that will receive words from the Lord. The angels will meet with them. The scroll of God will be revealed to them.

Cagayan de Oro city will be known as a city wherein angels ascend and descend. Angels will come and meet the people in that city, and young girls, even the small children, the Lord specifically said that. Even when the children are sleeping; they will wake them up and speak to the children. As the Lord called Samuel, such voice will be heard in many places in that city. Angels will surround the city. That anointing will be different, their eyes, ears will be opened, received words from the Lord, they will see visions, taken into spiritual realms as John heard the voice, “Come up!”, the youths in that city will hear such voices very often.

An incident happened in the life of Ezekiel wherein the Lord stretched forth His hand and took the hair of Ezekiel and took him to a different place. That same thing will happened to the youth of that city. They will walk in the secret places of heaven and heard sound of chariots and of trumpets in their ears.

  1. LIPA City– The Lord has remembered that city. The Spirit of God will manifest the words of God very strongly in that city. The last days’ anointing will come mightily upon that city. As the clouds will gather together and cause a mighty rain. The Holy Spirit will come like a mighty rain upon them.

The Lord will work wonderfully in that city. The Holy Spirit’s work will be great there. The people who’ll be anointed in this city will be made to known of the secrets of God’s word.

In the last day’s generation and people, new words and commandments will come from this city.

Lipa City will be very blessed as the hand of the Lord is manifested in your midst. As the commandments of God came forth from Mount Sinai, God says His word will come forth from Lipa city. So far, these things have kept hidden.

Three kinds of hidden teachings will come out from this city. It will open the eyes of the last day’s people. It will strengthen the people. It will prepare the people for the coming of the Lord. And it will be taken all over the world. For this purpose, God will raise up the young people. God will raise up mighty people for this purpose. The Holy Spirit will open the eyes of the people and will work mightily in this city. The Lord’s Spirit told me that He’ll speedily do it. The Lord said, “It is coming swiftly!”

  1. PAMPANGA City – many people will be filled from their thirst in this city. The Spirit of God will reveal to the world secrets that has never been revealed before, will walk mightily in that city.

God revealed many secrets to many prophets. He revealed His secrets to Daniel but He said to them one thing, “Till the day comes, you must seal them.” Behold that day has come. The people who’ll break the seals will come from Pampanga. God will break the seals in that place. And He will reveal the secrets and that anointing will come upon those people. And the people who will break those seals will rise up mightily from this city. The last days’ mysteries that are kept sealed in this place will be broken and be made manifests in the world from this city.

The Lord says there will be an anointing in their eyes, on their ears and on tongues. That anointing will do a great work in them. The scales of their eyes will drop down. With their sight, they will see heaven. They will go up to heaven and will come down. They will reveal to the people the secrets. When John was in the land of Patmos, the Word of the Lord came to Him. He was taken to heaven and stood in the place where no else can stand. He went and stood at the throne of God. He stood at the place where the 24 elders stand. He heard the words of what was spoken. John received a blessing which no one else had received. And the Lord said, “That same blessing has been promised to the young people, to the senior citizens, to ministers of God.” They will lift up the word of God. Their eyes and their ears will hear and see face to face in heaven. They will bring to the people what they see. The Holy Spirit will work on them of the anointing to reveal secrets.

  1. PETROS City – God’s anointing will come upon this city. The last day’s anointing will come mightily upon this city. God’s trumpet and horns are planted in your city. It will be known as ‘a trumpet of God’ city. It will be known as God’s horn. God will touch the young people, children, churches of that city. Many people will rise up with zeal in that city.

The people who are mighty in the spirit will rise up in that city. They will prepare the way of the Lord in that city. They will not fear Satan. When Satan hears their names, he will tremble. God will give drawn swords in their hands; a double-edged sword will come out from their mouth. It will be a flaming consuming fire sword.

They will do great things for God. They will not fear any man. They will challenge the government. They will remind the people of John the Baptist. They will not expect profit from the world. They will say what is right and what is wrong. They will be bold like Elijah. They will threaten Jezebel. They will cause Jezebel to be afraid. They will convict people of sin. They will speak very clearly to the people the things concerning the Lord.

Before God’s ways and judgments will come upon the land, they will warn those nations of the coming judgments of God and they’ll be used by God as God’s trumpet. Even the government will be afraid of the words that are coming from their mouth, even the kings will be afraid. God will raise up such mighty people from Petros city. It will make the way before the Lord, it will make the way straight before the Lord like the voice of the one crying in the wilderness, such voice will come out of them.

  1. BAGUIO city – God’s grace will come upon Baguio city. The last anointing will come mightily upon this city. Among all the seven cities, God’s anointing will first come in this city. God’s anointing will all be poured completely upon this city. God’s precious ointments will spread all over this city.

In this city there will be last day’s ways to be made ready and prepared for the people of God. It will be known as a training center for the last day’s people of God. Last days houses will rise up in this city that will housed people in the end times and in the tribulation day that they will not fail in their faith.

God will feed many people in this city. The elders and the young people will be filled in this anointing. Young people will rise up mightily to serve. The Lord will raise up huge wall as with the Spirit. This city will be protected by the Spirit of God. The evil ones will not be able to touch the borders of the city. God will raise up many fathers in this city who will nourished others. They will open the eyes of others in the land. They will establish others to stand as witnesses for the Lord. They will instill the fear of God in the hearts of many people. They will sow into the hearts of the people to rise up as zeal martyrs for the Lord.

This will be known as city of refuge for the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord will howler in this city. This will be hidden by the wings of the Lord and the shadow of the Lord will be over it. The feet of the Lord will walk in this city. It will be filled with the presence and fragrance of the Lord. This city will be lighted with the light that will come from the eyes of the Lord. God will surround the walls of the city with His lightning and thunder. It will be protected from danger.

  1. MANILA city – behold the anointing of God will come upon this city. The last days’ anointing will come upon this city. God will use this city as Jerusalem to meet His people. Your hands will go forth from this place. God will bring forth new gifts from this city.

This will be a city led by God like mount Zion. God will gather many people from this city. God will reveal His plan through this city. God’s eyes will be upon this city. God will remove evil from this city. God will make many plans to come out from this city. God’s people will be gathered to this city from many places in your city and from many parts of your city and from the many cities of your land. God will cause them to come and gather as often. God will reveal many last days’ plans to His people. God will filled them with new gifts and send them out.

We give thanks to God for the many good plans He had for your cities. These are the many plans that God has kept in His heart. When you are zealous to keep heed on the commandments of God, when you are careful to walk according to the commandments of God, when you take responsibility and begin to pray for the things that God spoke for the cities, all the good things that God has planned for your cities, nothing will fail.

And the Lord said, “Certainly, I will fill your land with goodness.” God will cover your cities with the shadow of His hands. Behold, I will give you a word,” says the Lord. “The blessings and the words that I spoke to you are shortly coming after. All you people of God, if you hear the Word of God, you will be blessed. Oh you churches, if you open your ears to My words, you will be blessed. Then very quickly, I will break My anointing portals and with my seven anointing, I will smear all your cities with this oil. I will seal you with my grace.” God says that none of His words will fall to the ground.


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