“Amazing funny direction from God”

Early morning today I woke up from a dream.

You know for the whole week, I’ve been searching for my pajama–the one that had been given to me from a mom we ministered couple of months ago. She actually had it handmade purposely and gave it to me in their church one afternoon on Sunday while they were having their WM’s (Women and Mothers’ ministry) prayer meeting. I love its color, its texture, fabric and design and more so because I had been asking God to give me pajama because I did not bring any during that time. He did so answer my prayer.

I remembered wearing it last week and I just noticed it’s nowhere to be found when I searched for it in my closet. I asked my mom but she didn’t know anyhow. I suspected cheaply maybe, just maybe it was stolen. I told my mom to be extra careful with our laundry especially on where to dry them because I lose confidence and trust in our place.

After a week of searching and failing, I asked the Lord last night to tell me where it was…I felt a little frustrated and embarrassed knowing He became my last option. I only did ask His help when my human ability failed me.

So this was how my dream all about–my pajama.


In my dream, the Lord showed my mom wearing it and me surprised by the scene asked her, “Oh where did you find it? I’ve been looking for it for the whole week but how could I have known that it was only in your hands.” She answered with assurance that she did not purposely put it in her own closet, “I accidentally had placed it in my closet while I was fixing my other clothes and yours.” Afterwards, I could hear “the voice” instructing me, “…this morning tell your mom that no one could find your pajama except her. Even if you try, you’ll still fail because it’s only your mom who’ll find it.”

In the morning, just after I woke up I told my mom about my dream. So I developed the hope of having it back.

I did not realize that my mom is already searching for it after I told her about my dream. After more or less than an hour she handed over to me my pajama telling me that she did not find it hard to searched for it because she was directed by the Holy Spirit to where it was when her human strength was starting to tell her “…ask your God for help…” and so she said she was directed to where it was.

Simple experience… yes it was, but it is how God can show His power and significance in every decision-making and circumstances we face and undertake so that in every circumstance be it small or big, we’ll continue to trust in Him, not with our human strength and knowledge but by His power, mercy and grace. His word, indeed, is true that if you can be trusted in small things, God can also trust you in greater things.

God have done an extra help again. First, He wanted to remind me that He’s in control. Second, I must not dishonor my parents. Last night, I felt the guilt for talking back against my mom and told her not to do the things I needed to be done myself. I knew she was hurt thinking I no longer needed her as my mom when she’s just so happy doing those favors for her motherly love towards me. So I asked forgiveness for that thoughtlessness by giving back the favor, lying next to her in her bed for an hour and found out that she actually needed someone to talked to, someone who’d listen to her and understand her. So simple task yet so helpful.

Every people have their own pain and disappointments. What we see is we come every time we get to fix things into their lives but nobody listens to them…what we actually need to do all the time is to simply listen to them. Ask, “how are you?…” It’s so easy. You don’t need to have a bible school for that. You don’t need to have strategy to ask ‘how are you?’.” – Fritts Rouvoet, Blood and Fire ministries, Netherlands

Oftentimes, we do not realize we’re hurting our Lord Jesus Christ when we don’t ask His help, when we thought we can manage by ourselves, when we try harder to prove that we’re in control when the truth is, we’re not.

“Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him.” (Matthew 6:8)

Choo Nam in the book “Heaven is so Real” said, “He (Jesus) explained that I would not do anything on my own because I understood that I needed Him in everything. That, of course, is the key to progress in the spiritual life. It is also the key to being used by the Lord—to remain open to Him and all He has in store for us.”

To God be the glory!


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