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Just got my Smartphone back 4 days ago! It just couldn’t function to its new owner, so strange when it’s so well with me. God is an awesome God! He is unpredictable. His ways indeed are higher than our ways. Thank you Lord for disciplining me. You just wanted me to prioritize things and you wanted me to get rid of my idol: gadgets and gizmos and addiction to social networking and apps in my Smartphone and other stuffs that preoccupied me so much, hindering my precious time with you.

Thank you Lord for granting us the desires of our hearts.

I remembered the time three months ago when Jesus told me to sell my iphone, to get rid of this because this turned out to be my idol. I didn’t want to. But then I realized I need to simplify my complex life and one of that is to give up my properties. I had given my other phone to my cousin and I let my iphone be bought to the person He referred to with the price fix to His, no more, no less. I didn’t want to. Eventually, I learned to accept and obey.

You see, obedience is doing the things you don’t want to do. But because God told me, I did. And I was free and delivered from the spirit of materialism and idolatry. I realized it’s all worth it for the months were out in the mission without distractions. I only had with me my other phone (the simplest one) for my family to contact me. It was just so unbelievable I was able to survive it without loads on my phone, no internet, no facebooking, no TV for months throughout the mission field! God had helped me and He continues helping me.

I realized it’s ok to have these stuffs provided you must know when, how and what to use it for and that you would use it to glorify God and not your own selfish ways, not for luxurious, superfluous entertainment and vanity means.

I also remember the time on how God disciplined me. He is such a jealous God. This story went like this. I was burning CDs (supplemental audio and video files for evangelism) forgetting my habit of praying and devotion for the whole day, but guess what? I was not able to burn even a single file! When I ask Jesus why I failed on that task, He simply answered, “Did I ask you to do that? You only wanted to do it. I did not ask you.” After which, my memory card in my other phone was corrupted including all the songs with Christian lyrics, my USB and computer was infected by a virus and all the files was erased but I wondered why the pictures were hidden. My computer malfunctioned. I cried out to God questioning Him, “Lord, is this your way of disciplining me? What’s left is my simple phone and the rest went ashtray.”

I knew He wanted me to acknowledge Him and put Him first in my list of priorities. I knew it when I saw a vision in my dream. In that dream what’s left was the bed and the rest of my properties were washed out and thrown by big waves of the sea and the storm ate them up. The bed represents REST. We could only find rest in God’s presence. And it’s true since the only file left in my other USB is the audio Bible verses from Genesis to Revelation and all the files (songs, pictures, videos, articles) were infected and erased.

When I possessed my stuffs (my gadgets and gizmos) I did not realize that they slowly were taking lordship over me. I was being controlled by them instead of me controlling them. How pathetic it was!

So I prostrated and cried out asking Jesus to forgive me. I found out that He got jealous. He is such a jealous God. He wanted you, your time and you alone.

After you’ll learn from your mistakes, God will grant you reward more than you expect. You just have to be patient and lean on Him. So, I received blessing from the Lord. My computer was reformatted, fixed and upgraded for an amount of almost free! Imagine 200 pesos? Yes, that’s an amount I paid for the person God sent. I got new guitar and trolley backpack bag intended for God’s work and finally I got new gadget: music beat box that could play songs all day long. Then who among you could say I became worse or got back to my old self materialistic idolater to gadgets and other stuffs? If you think I am, you’re wrong. See God is training us. He continues working in us. If we passed the first level of His test, then welcome to the next level until we grow up and mature.

“God will never leave you empty. He will replace everything you lost. If He asks you to put something down, it’s because He wants you to pick up something greater.”

And we also have to learn trusting in Him, in all our ways we have to acknowledge Him. If He will ask you to do something, don’t ask “why?”, simply obey. That’s trust. If you don’t understand, remember: His ways are really higher than our ways. God is able and in control of everything we do.

To God be the glory!


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