Speaker: Sadhu Sundar Sulvaraj


We are mere unprofitable or useless good-for-nothing-bumps servants.

READ: Ezekiel 37:7-10

It’s He that causes you to prophesy, to do miracles…


There are 9 kinds of manifestations:

1. Visions (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17) Visions of God is the basic foundation. We have to see our God, our creator first then He will let you experience other manifestations. He will show you the future. When our spiritual eyes are open, it can see not just God but also the Devil and the angels. Don’t narrow the gifting. Have an open heart. We’re so busy minding God’s business that we forgot to mind our own business. We’re so mindful of God keeping His word that we forgot to do our work. We must unscrew our minds.

No one can claim that they have the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

2. Prophesying (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17; Acts 2:4,7-11; 1 Corinthians 14:1; Acts 21:8-9; 1 Corinthians 14: 22-25)

3. Slain in the spirit (falling over like drunk)

What causes people to fall…?

The flesh can’t contain the powers of God that comes down.

(Genesis 2:21, 17:1; Numbers 22:31; Ezekiel 1:28, 3:23; Daniel 8:17-18; John 18:6; Acts 9:4)

4. Quaking and shaking (Exodus 19:18; Daniel 10:7; Isaiah 64:1-4)

It happens because of the presence of the almighty God or of an angel.

5. Drunk in the Spirit (John 4:5-29; John 7:37-39; Jeremiah 31:12)

Be careful of deceptions. (READ: Matthew 4:8) The devil can also lift you up in the ministry. Devil can also show you visions. So whether you get an invitation, always ask whether it comes from the devil or from God. READ: Psalms 104:15; Acts 2:13-15

6. Laughing in the Spirit (Genesis 17:17; Psalms 2:4; Luke 10:21; Acts 13:52)

7. Singing in the Spirit with beautiful oriented dancing (1 Corinthians 14:15; Ephesians 5:19; Samuel 6:14, 15; Psalms 149:3; 30:11)

8. Trance (Numbers 24:4; Acts 10:10; Acts 22:17)

Church lost the powers of the age to come because of its too much philosophical, intellectual and logical reasoning.

Trance is body unconsciousness. You won’t feel anything around in your surrounding because you’re too focused of the spiritual vision.

9. Speaking in tongues (Acts 2:4; Acts 10:44, 46; 19:6; Mark 16:6)

Book entitled “Into His Likeness” speaks about this gift of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking in tongues is our birth right so we can speak directly with God himself personally.

Advantages: it edifies you, builds you up, making you very sensitive to the Holy Spirit

(1 Corinthians 14:4; Jude 1:20; Isaiah 28: 11-12)

Your voice changes into rough and tough as you speak in tongues. That’s the time He speaks to you with the same avenue and answers back to you. And when you pause a moment and become very quiet and wait for God, that’s the time He gives you the interpretation.

(Isaiah 28: 11, 12; Ezekiel 47:1)

The communication link is called “tongues.”

The rivers of the Holy Spirit flows at 4 levels. (Ezekiel 47: 1-5)

1. ankles

2. knees

3. loins

4. neck deep

The flow of the Holy Spirit is increasing from level to level, not a torrent flood. The angels of God assigned to measure your capacity to receive whether to go higher to the next level or just stay where you are.The capacity in which the Holy Spirit’s anointing flows /increases depends on your capacity to mature and grow in the things of God and your capacity to believe and receive. If you only believe in ankle level, it’d just stay in the ankle. When they measure, they’ll say “Oh this guy does not believe anything beyond that.” So they’ll only release ankle level anointing in his life.  But the moment they are already ready, they’ll release them, “Ok, you’re ready for the next level.” As a child learning to swim grow a little longer, you’ll venture to try to swim in knees.

(Genesis 1:2; Hosea 6:3)

Next generation must have a child-like faith that implicitly obeys without asking questions. If Jesus told you, “Sit”, sit. If He told you to stand, stand and would not ask “why?” Walk hand in hand with heaven above.

Finally, one angel explained to me the meaning of the former and latter rain. Former rain is our fellowship that comes into glory whilst latter rain is “your time”.

Natural and spiritual will work together in the sense of obedience. You must be God-seeking people and great lover of God.



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