28Feb2014 —I woke up at 4:12 in the morning after I dreamt of series of events.I was in mixed emotion last night: grieved, angry, disturbed, and restless so I wait upon God and prayed afterwards. I prayed to God and I cried bitterly. I cried my heart out that resulted to chest pain. I hardly breathe though my body felt so light and floating beyond space and time. I even spoke new unknown tongues. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit after I asked for it to come. While I was sleeping, Jesus appeared to me with a sad face. He was so grieved. I even felt how He felt. He was bleeding.

These were the series of events in my dream…

1. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit floating in the air

I saw Jesus Christ floating in the air naked with the Holy Spirit behind Him which was so visible. I see Jesus’ stomach as big as a 3-month old pregnant woman. Then I see blood dropping in one direction from His stomach but it didn’t reach the ground. I also see the Holy Spirit’s blood dropping which was not dropping to the ground. All in all I saw 2 separate bloods in a vertical position.

I felt that Jesus was deeply saddened. He was so skinny and looked so pitiful. He wanted me torecognize Him first before the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is a part of Him. And this verse in the bible injected my senses “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me” while waiting on Him praying, “What is the meaning of that Lord? What do you want to say?”

I realized that Jesus wants us to recognize Him as our personal saviour that is if we pray, we must call to Him and seek His face and not only to pray to the Father immediately without even passing to Him or recognising Him. I am guilty of this. Sometimes in my Christian life, I used to reach out to the Father directly disregarding the Son thinking that the Father is greater so I must go to the Father directly. But then again, I realized that “…no one comes to the Father except through me (Jesus, the Son of God).”This is really true.

Even in blogging , in addressing, I am in doubt of whether to use God the Father or the name of Jesus Christ the Son. . .which oftentimes settle itself with this verse “I (Jesus Christ)and my Father are one.” It’s as if Jesus Christ’s name is less important as well as His authority or His presence compare to how I thought God, the Father have and which I always thought of as big, majestic, the same God to be feared of in the old testament or the same God I thought of as supreme, spirit being without bodily structure when I was still a child that I don’t need to seek face with because I don’t really realize God has his own image. I just prayed to a heavenly being, a spirit. I even used to doubt and had asked this question to myself, “If God created the universe then who created God himself? If the world will end, where are we going to live?” Then as curious as a child was,I started to be scientific but proved that I was so dumb and foolish. When I was young, I thought that Jesus has less value compare to the Father…this was all throughout those years I grew up with and had believed until Jesus himself spoke to me today.

Now I understood how important it is to recognize Jesus because as He said, “I and my Father are one.” If we don’t recognize Jesus then we also don’t recognize the Father. We have to really know God intimately. We have to develop an intimate relationship with Him. Let’s not ignore Him.

Another revelation of the Holy Spirit about the pregnant Jesus I saw bleeding in my dream was this: it speaks about abortion. He was so sad about those unborn babies died out of abortion and those children who are lost in the world like lost sheep without shepherds.

2. Another scene was about youth in this world

High school students which were mostly girls were inside the classroom. I saw cosmetic products on the table. One of the girls introduce a lipstick and its importance. She demonstrated how to use it with so much pride, enthusiasm and worldly passion and the room is filled with the same passion as she had. As my eye examined every cosmetic product on the table, I felt disgusted deep inside. I heard and saw words coming from each product as if they are spirits of those products saying, “Sin…people and mostly many young people continue to sin and have not repented.”

3. Another scene was about a young lady

I gazed to a girl with an angelic face. She caught my attention maybe because she doesn’t shared the worldly passion and sins of those girls I mentioned in the second scene or maybe because she just looked so kind with her angelic face. Then I went out and she followed me. She introduced herself. Her face looked familiar so I asked, “Have me met before?” And she nodded, “Yes. We knew each other. You accompany me to that island (island name I can’t remember). We rode on a ship. “Really? I didn’t remember. I don’t even know that place.” We continued chatting but as I turn from my left and back to her, she was gone. She faded away before my very eyes.”

4. Another scene was about hypocrisy

We’re on our educational trip. While on a little boat, I and my companion started sharing about Jesus to both the company of young girls and women who were there. All of them started worshiping and shouting, “Hallelujah… Amen, Praise the Lord…” inconsistently. Some of them were just making fun. Others were just praising God for a mere show. It’s hypocrisy!

5. Another was about the bread and cheerful giving that I mustn’t miss to share…

We’re on a travel around Asia that I can’t fully remember in detail. It’s about giving and sharing. I went to those places with lots of Muslims. We arrived in a camp wherein many tents were structured for relief operations and primarily for feeding. I brought a huge bag with me full of different kinds of bread, some were cheap and some were expensive, some delicious, and some were not. I distributed to each one as according to those people I knew, some friends and some closed to my heart. I was having favoritism on giving at that scene like the best bread was given to the dearest and closest to my heart. I knew my purpose of that relief operation but deep down inside I wanted to keep other bread for myself. As much as I wanted to listen to my own selfish way, a small still voice commanded me to give all the bread. So I kept giving them though my heart was reluctant until the bag ran out of bread. Prior to that, there were two men who approached me and introduced themselves as my relatives. They were expecting something from me. I knew I have money and there’s still bread but my hands was so reluctant on giving. At the back of my mind, I wanted to say, “There’s no more bread.” and wanted to give them the cheaper bread and keep the better for myself, but then there was this voice whispering me to give the best bread and give all the bread to them, not to remain a single for myself. So, my hand was moved and I felt guilty of my selfish thoughts and gave all the bread to them and since the moment I saw their face, I felt pity, I was moved with compassion.

Thoughts to ponder: If you wanted to give, don’t choose people or specific individuals to give your help to. Don’t practice favoritism on giving. And don’t pretend you haven’t if you still have some left. Give with undivided heart. Instead, give cheerfully with a pure motive and intention.

Powers of the Age to Come

Indian Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj in a National Youth Prophetic Conference held in my country once said, “Many wants to see angels, visions and God not because they’re seekers but because they’re curious. But God does not satisfy curious people but only those who truly seek Him. He never works to satisfy human curiosity.

We must die to this “I” (identity). We must crucify ourselves. Jesus Christ isolates himself or keeps himself away from the opposite sex all His life, He live a life of holiness, cleanliness, separated life. That’s why the Holy Spirit was able to come upon Him without measure continuously. This is where crucifying yourself come from until you say, “This is no longer I that liveth…” That “I” does not live for you anymore. If you’re honest with your naked heart before God, you’ll have that tendency to want to be recognized and be accepted by others. Why do you feel like that? It’s because of that “I” that’s inside you so you must die to that “I”. If not, you can’t come to this POWERS OF THE AGE TO COME. You must die or that power can destroy you. You must live with total humility, implicit obedience, unwavering faith, and totally surrendered, dedicated life of purity and holiness.

Every nation has its heroes like Benny Henn or Belly Graham but when I look for heroes in the last days, I see nobody and the Lord told me, ‘In the last days, I will use nobodies like children, handmaiden, and servants. The amount of miracle these nobody’s to perform could cause Moses and Elijah to envy. They will envy your day. The glory of the latter house would be greater than the former house.

Hosea 6:3 says, “Let us try to know the Lord. He will come to us as surely as the day dawns, as surely as the spring rains fall upon the earth.”

Self must die in order to walk in the Powers of Age to Come. If not, you’ll be conscious of yourself. The Holy Spirit can’t fill you. You must lose yourself, your identity. The primary foundation to be full of the Holy Ghost is to lose yourself, your identity. So Christ is all in all. READ Galatians 2:20

And whoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Remove impossible from your mind. Remove barriers from your mind. Devil and your human heart condemn but the Holy Spirit convicts.

The land must be fined, purified, make ready and uproot. The calamities are for sanctifying, cleansing the land. The fire, water, shaking are necessary so that the pure can remain. Don’t pray for those to stop or be against those calamities. Pray that God will be gracious to protect the things of God, to uphold us. It’s necessary for it to come to separate the false prophets, false teachers, impure to pure.”

John 3:34; John 14:12; Galatians 2:20; Matthew 15:21-28; Proverbs 2:4; Hosea 6:3; Joel 2:23; Rev 4:5

Strive to know, pursue to know, follow on to know, go after to know, be zealous to know. You must be hungry to seek after. You can only be hungry if you know what they are.

What are the powers of the age to come?

1.God’s power that flows out of Him (Acts 5:12-16). His presence enough can heal. My vision of a crippled man who was healed upon seeing me or even my shadow is one of the powers of the age to come.

We have this aura surrounding our bodies that only devil and spiritual beings can see and if your spiritual eyes is open, you can also see. Each time you are blessed with gifts of the Holy Spirit which are manifested by colours and the more you’ve spiritual gifts, the more colours glowed like rainbow around your body. That aura will increase its glow, can be intensified or remain as it is. So the more you infuse yourself to God through meditation, praying and fasting, the intensity of the glow, its thickness, size, strength grows as you abide yourself in God.Him with Jesus.A life with prayer. READ John 18:6 and Mark 3:11.

2. Supernatural Speed (1 Kings 18:45-46)

Horse can run 40 mph, normal average man can run 10 mph but prophet Elijah can run 50-60 mph because of the supernatural power given to him by the Holy Spirit.

3. Carried by the Spirit in body (Acts 8:39; 2 Kings 2:11) This is a supernatural transportation. Chariots are in the spiritual substance but Elijah is a body that could step into supernatural things of God. They can carry a person or company of people. NASA can’t have clue what they’re made of because they are supernatural translations.These supernatural things of God defy our intellectual reasoning. It’s beyond our human findings. Like Elijah was transported from one place to another which are possible to happen in the last days. They’re available to the over comers. When the Holy Spirit carry you from one place to another,it’s not like you a superman flying but it’s just a portal opens and the Holy Spirit carry you in other time dimension or place.

Live a life like Jesus and His disciples.

Life in Jesus in verses : Matthew 8:13, 31, 32; 12:13; Mark 11:25-26; 4:39; John 5:8-9; 11:43-44

Jesus command!

Life of Peter: Acts 5:1-10; 9:34-35; Acts 13:6-12; 14:8-10

Life of Paul: Acts 13:10; 16:16-18; 19:11-12

Life of Elijah: 2 Kings 1:9-12; 1 Kings 17:1; 5:15-27; 6:18

Life of Elisha: 2 Kings 2:23, 24; 4:38-44

Life of Moses: Numbers 16:1-35

2 Weaknesses (Revelation 11:3-6; 7:9-14; Acts 5)

“Then” is a period of time when God will pour out His Holy Spirit on earth in a form of:

a. visitation of the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 9:1-6; 18:9-10; 22:17, 21; 23:11)

b. working together with the Holy Spirit (tangible and real) Acts 8:29; 13:1-3; 16:6, 7

c. working together with angels of God (2 Kings 1:3, 15; I Kings 19:5, 7; Acts 12:1-15; Acts 8:26; 12:7-10)

d. working together with cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1; Hebrews 11; Matthew 17:3; Mark 9:4; Luke 9:30-31; Hebrews 14:15; Revelation 1:1; Revelation 19:10; 22: 8-9; 11:3-13)

Finally, you must run before the rain come not after it like Elijah had run before the rain came.

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