Angels are so real: that old man and his penny


Angels are real. Yes they are. You can see them, talk to them, hear and touch them. How do you define angels? White? Feathery? Halo? Good looking? Done with brainstorming?

Yesterday, I’d seen an angel. You must believe me. He wasn’t actually my own guardian angel; he’s just an angel sent from above for a purpose: to accomplish SOMETHING.

At the airport, some domestic flights were cancelled –this I thought was a blessing in disguise though I paid much for my cargo shipments and taxis all the way. The weather is fine, the people were so nice plus there’s a bonus—the absence of one of my pet-peeve: in queue.

Let’s go back to the angel I’d met. Maybe you’re wondering how he looks like. Actually he’s not tall as how you visualize angels with Jeremy Lin, Yao Ming or Michael Jordan’s height; he’s petite. He don’t have glossy white skin but younger enough for a man of old age. His face looked so pleasant though he appeared to be worried and ashamed when he approached me. Later did I realize that I did not even notice his coming when in fact I was facing that side of the road while waiting for a ride. Did he came from nowhere or am I just blind that I was slipped in?

If hypnotism as a modus for robbing was used then I was victimized for giving in his plea right away. But it’s not. Friends, how would you attend to a stranger who’d ask for help? Will you look at him from head to toe to find out if he looks pitiful and deserving of your help? Or if he does look so poor, will you waste time interrogating him to know if he really is telling the truth?

To HELP you answer, I’ll give you choices:

a. ignore (with a doubtful heart)

b. ignore (with I-don’t-talk-to-stranger principle)

c. ignore (with this-is-my-money-so-I-have-the-right-to-say-no principle)

d. ignore (with you-better-start-looking-for-a-job-now principle)

Was I able to help you answer?

. . .

. . .

Alright, I’ll add more choices…

a2. Certainly help (but I-need-the-media-first principle)

b2. Certainly hep (but facebook/twitter/instagram-status-this-later principle)

c2. Certainly help (if he’d-promise-to-pay-back principle)

d2. Certainly help (with no-buts-and-ifs principle)

I can still recall my oral-recitation question in grade-school: “If you could invent a machine, what would it be and why?”

Really. What if there’d be a machine invented to test one’s honesty by reading his mind and heart then how many possible answers would you mark from the choices above if that machine is used to you?

Here in my country, it’s not unusual to see beggars in the street yet there are still unsympathetic people prejudicing them as criminals.

How do you describe angels?

Does he/she smile or wink at you? Is he or she shy or friendly? My eagerness to share this experience was fueled by that SOMETHING accomplished in me. It started with that old man appeared in front of me holding his all one-peso coins amounted to nineteen. While he was approaching, he’s still glancing on his palm with coins in it, counting and then later showed it to me. At first, I thought he’d give me those coins. He seemed he had just arrived from Manila and speaks fluent Tagalog. His voice sounded as if he was left with a single choice and that was to beg alms. “Pasensiya ka na… kulang kasi ang barya ko, pamasahe ko sana pauwing Danao, na-short kasi ako, merun ka bang kahit kunting pandagdag sa pamasahe ko? pasensya na talaga.” Translation: “So sorry to bother you but my money is not enough to go home, I was ran out…do you have little amount to add my coins here? Really sorry, I don’t have other options.” My heart was tendered by his facial expression and statement. He seemed hopeless at that moment. Danao City was situated in the Northern Province, too far to be hiked from the airport. You’d have to hike miles away that could left you dog-tired.

Otherwise, my mind shouted, “It was your privilege to help and now is the time.” I knew he was a bit embarrassed for doing so but his face glowed when I asked at once, “How much do you need?” “Fifty!” I was impressed. That amount was exact for him to arrive to Danao by L300 van. If he could be one of Salisi gang, a group of syndicates popularized by their manipulative way of stealing using hypnotism, then he could had asked much more and I would had been willing to give any amount as demanded being under his spell. But he was too honest and polite that I was humbled. I felt I could not accept his thank you. I don’t feel I deserve it. I’m nobody and it’s just a little amount and I don’t deserve such grateful treatment from his end.

He kept on thanking me and I was also repeating my line, “Don’t mention it.” when the yellow passenger cab finally arrived. He hurried to cross the road to ride in it. I could still see him waving and smiling at me as if we knew each other for so long and we need to part ways. It’s so strange that I almost forgot that I was also waiting for a cab to ride. So I rushed towards the cab and got in but couldn’t see him inside. I thought maybe he’s too shy to ride with me on that passenger vehicle after he bid goodbye. But when the car U-turned, he’s nowhere to find. It happened with a blink of an eye. Or maybe I must really wear better glasses next time.

. . . . .

Whenever you have the chance to help, grab it. The proverbs “It’s better to give than to receive” and “Be a cheerful giver.” were not only quoted to inspire you to act but for you to realize that SOMETHING needs to be accomplished in you. Personally, that SOMETHING was learned through giving. It’s better to give because by doing so you’ll be freed from the 7 deadly sins. I can’t really explain the happiness, it’s pure happiness. Who says giving lessened a portion from you? Certainly not. It adds even more. It’s like it filled the cup too much that there’ll be no room enough to receive it. As of tithing it teaches us not to be selfish and greedy. Those proverbs relate not with material things returned to you after you give but with the internal, pure, full and lasting amount of happiness you gained.

I was not the one who helped, but the one who was helped. I was reminded of the essence of giving and I was then set free from the seven deadly sins (wrathgreedslothpridelustenvy, and gluttony.) especially greed. As the result, I gained the happiness I did not even expected.

That old man and his penny would never ever be forgotten. It’s totally a different story from his end from other beggars I’ve met. Theirs was for survival which made their stomach their master. And that they actually don’t need to explain why you need to help them because you’ll immediately notice they’re hungry and need to be fed. If those beggars beg for spiritual food, how many of us would be willing to give? Or is there enough supply in our storehouse to combat their spiritual hunger?

I hope you will, one of these days, meet an angel. He or she might just be your neighbor, your co-worker or even your enemy. Who knows! Angels are among us; perhaps you had already met one of them. Remember, they’re God’s mighty soldiers guarding each one of us.


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