The Cry

I was thinking to stop writing and get back to painting. I’m so discouraged. Sometimes, we are tempted to just read something we thought satisfies our souls. These days’ too much for my personal struggle. I’ve been crying deeply though I can’t utter them. The pain is like a dagger cutting me, the guilt and the continuous battle…and yes I wanted to cry out…to hear me…to heal the pain and to lighten my burden…
Thank you for your comforting words…
I believe God has purposely put me in this situation. Bless you!

Brave Fish

In our lives we all will face some kind of oppression or threat eventually. It can take many different forms, some even life threatening. It might be economic hardship, illness or a great personal struggle.

In these extreme cases you have a most powerful resource: your cry out to God.

Why does God wait for your cry? If he is merciful and kind, why does he wait? Think about the plight of the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. Their deliverance was of monumental importance in the history of salvation through Jesus Christ. The situations in our individual lives are no different. Our greatest crises are of monumental importance to our personal history of salvation. God always has a bigger and better plan.

This does not mean that everything will turn out exactly as you like. The Israelites ended up wandering around in the desert for 40 years after exiting Egypt, and…

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