READ: Luke 21:34-36; 2 Kings 20:1-11; Job 8:13 and 20; Ecclesiastes 5:1-7; Isaiah 48:1-11


How would you feel if you see a person being burned alive? How would you react if after she was burned she’s still alive though fire turned her body into coal (solid coal)? What’d you think if you see her eyes blazing as if the fire gives life to them? And, how would you feel if that person is one of your relatives or loved ones?

That woman I saw has been suffering with bone disease (Scoliosis) and as part of her treatment; she has to undergo that kind of (weird) treatment: fire treatment or whatever they call it wherein the patient must be burned to combat the pain as of chemotherapy for cancer patients.

I personally disapproved their way and that whole process. Looking at how the patient cried out from agony horrified me and torn my heart apart. There even was a preacher partaking in. That whole thing greatly confused me. And so, I attempted to stop them and said, “What the hell are you doing?! Your treatment doesn’t ease the pain your patient is suffering so stop it!” Their treatment like any pain killer/reliever has its own expiration that could last only for few minutes then the burning would be underwent over and over again. Terrible.

When I was carried into a separate room, I suddenly heard a voice as audible as it is that I recognized as God’s. He said, “If you care enough for her, you must tell her to humble herself before me.” The voice was so authoritative yet graceful. I understood that the heavenly father wanted to draw her close to Him, to seek His face since her personal relationship with Him has been getting farther. And that fire I saw burning her body is figuratively representing hell. That if she’s not alarmed of her spiritual condition her sickness must remind her to draw nearer to Jesus. Or, worse she’ll end up in hell.

Furthermore, He warned me that by the time I’d be telling her about the “divine message”, she’d be hard-headed and unbelieving so I must compel her to listen. And so I did and it really did happen.

The next thing I heard is the voice commanding me to wake up (since I was only dreaming) so that I can start doing the task He laid on my back, the responsibility to tell everything what I saw in my dream and to not even skip to utter the “divine message” to her, my relative.

Signs and wonders and the premonition…

I’ve been asking God to grant me signs for this year so I can start realizing my goal. But here I found myself crying from the revelation I received. God is not just showing me revelations for myself but for others, for those people close to me and for those not even I cared much about. I was also crying fearing the consequences if I can’t have the guts to tell her the “divine message”. I will be accountable for it since it’s a task from God! So I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to give me the courage and the right words. As I continuously prayed, I realized how unworthy I am. “Who am I to share these things to her? I’m nobody, not even a preacher but a sinner as she can always see my shortcomings and weaknesses.” Adding to it my fear that she’d be close-minded as what I saw her reaction in my dream. But I remembered how God taught me how to handle her if she’d be hard-headed and I did. At first, she disagreed but at the end she was silent and seemed convinced. The rest is history. I couldn’t imagine how those words soften her heart and change her attitude and behavior towards me. Since then, our relationship is getting better every day.

For without God, I am nothing…

I don’t know when to stop writing about this week’s awesome experience. I’m overwhelmed and to splattered the ink or formed the words to be seen by readers like you (whom I wished could be blessed) can’t contain me.

Why not? Every time I shared to her significant visions through dreams she used to comment like “You always dream and I’m so tired hearing about it…” and her words was obviously rejecting me, my message and the story I shared. There always was a physical law’s explanation in relation to the humanly perspective on her end telling me that dreams are just dreams and that there are lots of false prophets spreading terror in the world these days. The last time I shared to her with my own will turned up to be a disastrous one. We ended up arguing. I realized my motive at that time is not genuine. For without God, I am nothing. This time proves to me that it’s not my will that made the difference but His and that His divine intervention is so strong and powerful.

Finally, the Holy Spirit directed me to include this verse in Isaiah 48:1-11 “Listen to this, people of Israel, you that are descended from Judah: You swear by the name of the Lord and claim to worship the God of Israel—but you don’t mean a word you say. And yet you are proud to say that you are citizens of the holy city and that you depend Israel’s God, whose name is the Lord Almighty.

The Lord says to Israel, “Long ago I predicted that would take place; then suddenly I made it happen. I knew that you would prove to be stubborn, as rigid as iron and unyielding as bronze. And so I predicted your future long ago, announcing events before they took place, to keep you from claiming that your idols and images made them happen. All I foretold has now taken place; you have to admit my predictions were right. Now I will tell you of new things to come, events that I did not reveal before. Only now am I making them happen; nothing like this took place in the past. If it had, you would claim that you knew all about it. I knew that you couldn’t be trusted, that you have always been known as a rebel. That is why you never heard of this at all, why no word of it ever came to your ears.

In order that people praise my name, I am holding my anger in check; I am keeping it back and will not destroy you. I have tested you in the fire of suffering, as silver is refined in a furnace. But I have found that you are worthless. What I do is done for my own sake—I will not let my name be dishonored or let anyone else share the glory that should be mine and mine alone.”

Let us all examine ourselves. What goes with our personal relationship to Jesus? How intimate is it? Why does He need our attention?

PRAYER: ___Thank you Lord for your grace is sufficient and that you didn’t leave nor forsake your servants for your glory. You’re forever faithful. Please continue to let your light shine upon us so that the world will know that you’re not dwelling in any-man made stones or wood sculptures purposely made so that they can (as they believe and as to how the church has been twisted by the false light) physically see your image but realized that you dwell among us, in our hearts, and in our midst. There’s no need for any religious festival to show your miracle healing. For only by faith in you can cast sickness and disease, heal our brokenness and forgive our inequities. Thank you for continuously calling us to draw near to you, for correcting us and giving us warnings from danger, thus guiding our future. Thank you for the love and the sacrifice. 


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