When the Light Shows Up (John 1:5)


light vs dark

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
(John 1:5)

Read: Genesis 11:1-14:24, 1 Chronicles 11:24-27

Relate: Good vs Evil. Light vs Darkness. God vs Satan. They two equal and opposite sides forever locked in an eternal struggle for dominance that neither side will ever win. Although it might sometimes seem to tip one way or another, balance ultimately reigns supreme. Some say our responsibility is to determine which side we are on and then make life meaningful by fighting for it. Others say that our internal struggle is simply a mirroring of this cosmic battle. Still others say that the best thing we can do is try to maintain the balance of good and evil in our own life. Too much of either is unhealthy. What do I say? I say that this entire paragraph in one huge steaming pile of male bovine feces.


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