The Confession of the (not shoppaholic) traveller : my new year’s holiday challenge

photos taken by me on my way home while riding on a pump boat




As I was gazing at the big waves, a song of praise whispers inside me to sing hallelujah to the author of waves, of the sky beyond our grasp and the sea extending beneath the ocean floor. Truly He is in control of everything and His none other than God. He can command the waves to dance with the rhythm of the wind. He can command the wind to blow further than our eyes could see. He can color the sky with bright or dim or whatever He may wish. He can command the mountain to bow down and tremble at His presence. He can command the spring, the cascades, lakes, rivers and seas to reflect its glory. It’s mirror is as crystal clear.

I am writing this piece with the sound and sight of big waves in front of me, yet I am not distracted nor am afraid. Hence, I rejoice and celebrate its splendid beauty since He truly is its master.

Suddenly, I jerked by the waves’ hit. It soaked my feet. Sooner, I found myself like a child playing with it.



Two days ago at 4:30 in the morning, the holy spirit woke me up, thus helping me not to miss my supposed boarding time (5:00am) on the boat. The strong rain adding to it  the wind bellowing chilled my brain not to move and crouch still on the bed. I wasn’t able to hear my alarm clock but still I was so thankful that I made it 30 minutes before the boarding time. Prior to that, I was dreaming that I was waking my aunt up to inform her that we’re about to miss our flight. But she was lying still deeply asleep so I carry her until we reach the plane. We arrived late, yet we made it! Then I woke up from my dream. First thing came to mind was to check the time. Then the panic began. I run towards my aunt to woke her up. It was so funny that I was doing the same thing that happened in my dream minutes ago. Then I woke my cousin up to drive me as quick as possible. I checked the time, 38 minutes past 4 in the morning. And they were still sleeping and the rain keeps on reminding me that the weather isn’t fine! I almost lost hope. “I already missed my boat yesterday though it was a different story (fully booked and negligence) that made my dream came into reality. But today I must go back to the city or my boss must scold me,” I told myself while panicking. Good thing that panic does me good, that instead of ruining the host just like others, it doubled my motion. Only I had to sacrifice my breakfast, bath and make up. Next thing was to violate one of the traffic rules in the city–speed limit which I’m quite sure does not exist in any remote places of the earth and even in that island at that early hour. We didn’t mind the darkness at all and the muddy slippery road that might hamper our purpose of safety travel.


I actually felt hopeful even at the sound of the strong rain dripping on the roof. We still managed to head along the way riding on the motorcycle in an open air with the cold wind and downpour kissing our cheeks and chilling our bodies. While following the curves of the slippery road, a still small voice whispered through my ears telling me that God has been preparing something for me like a task and that challenging experience served as my training.

This New Year holiday was truly unforgettable and amazing! It’s my first time to celebrate New Year’s countdown inside the church having a continuous devotional singing of praise and worship songs to the lord with my uncle as the pastor in the lead. I was really glad. I didn’t plan my trip and yet as accordingly, it’s been said that you have to have a timely and Godly decision so there’s no regret. No matter how far your destination or vague your goal is, you must not lost hope…God is actually planning things for you at His perfect timing. All you have to do is to agree with His perfect plan. Literally, I travelled miles away to celebrate my new year in my mom’s hometown with my relatives. Though my mom disagree, I still pushed my plan. I told her that no typhoon or big waves can threaten me since I have a BIG God bigger than the waves of the ocean. Yet, it really had happened. Mothers know best. She had the point that the weather can’t befriend anyone on its way in her humanly perspective, being practical and realistic as she is. But why not survive if the boat is surviving? Why lost hope if others are just sleeping and enjoying the adventure? So the story of Jesus and the Twelve Disciples on the sea when typhoon came can be exemplary in the spiritual perspective applied to humanly perspective.

I was so thankful to Jesus for delivering me from the wrath of bad weather. It’s not His will for me to travel in a bad condition. He truly cares. The holy spirit made me dream to give a warning. I almost missed the boat the second time around but God’s plan must prevail so as the result, we had the safest and calmest travel. The sea was so calm and friendlier as ever opposite to their presumptions of huge waves and stronger rain at the depths of the ocean. Who could have imagined that the non-stop rain all night long till dawn could bring peace and serenity on our trip?

This year, I’ll take a solemn oath to myself to appreciate little things and to seek more of His face. Yes, I’m so in love…not in any man but with the lord!




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