Pit Vision

So true…


When you’re in the pit, like Joseph, you can’t see much of what’s happening in the world or with other people because all you can see is a small circle of sky above you.  It’s so isolating, so much a literal tunnel vision, that you become hyper-focused on what you can see just for the satisfaction of seeing something.  Every detail becomes magnified.  And, out of necessity, you become even more focused on self.  Often, to the point where you begin to think the world, and the lives of other people, does not continue on without you.  If your life is stuck, likely the whole of life is stuck.  It’s like you’re certain nothing can move forward until you’re out of there, up on the surface again, able to witness it happening and contribute to it (or even direct it).  Then it’s real.

An important observation worth sharing today, which must be predicated on two other…

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