Read: 1 Peter 1:14-15 “Be obedient to God, and do not allow your lives to be shaped by those desires you had when you are still ignorant. Instead, be holy in all that you do, just as God who called you is holy”.

I was reprimanded by this from our Sunday fellowship that a true Christian, having received God’s promise of forgiveness and salvation lives out of life of holiness. He consecrates himself to the Lord. He says no to the things that God hates and yes to the work that God wants him to do. A genuine child of God walks in the fear of the Lord and grows in Christlikeness.

Dawn of December 1, I dreamed of myself preparing to travel into a different island but I missed my ship because I overslept. Then I decided to catch for the next trip but I can’t decide on the right time. The baggage was packed and I am so excited to go but the clock did not literally cooperate with me. It wasn’t my first time to dream like this. And if you’ll ask me how it feels, I’d certainly say, it was so frustrating!

Prior to that, I was so busy inside our old house with the carpentry. Using a ladder, I hammered the magazine onto the wall from cover to cover and while doing this, my eyes perused the letters and words written in it: “CEBU…NATION…PROMISED BLESSINGS…etc.”

I knew that dream has a message for me, for us. I am so much willing to leave this place I’m currently living yet there is still work for the kingdom of God to be accomplished here and that keeps holding me.

There was a dream that terrified me a week ago and at the same time made me feel secured and special. It began with a horror. A woman, a deceiver was trying to lock us inside an elementary school building. We discovered that she was an evil witch and was controlling everything using the remote control. I saw in each room men being tortured and chained. Soon, I was able to snatch the remote control from her. Every button and numbers pressed in that tiny object signifies power like 2 for STOP, 3 for FREEZE or STILL, 1 for GO, 11 for FLY, etc. Finally, we were able to escape from that ghost haunted building. Outside, we can see death, sin, dark sky, sadness, dirt, commotion and all sorts of suffering. The people there were uneasy trying to escape to find refuge but they’re nowhere to go. When my group is riding a bicycle with sidecar, some people were trying to attack us. My adrenaline rushed and I pressed the button of the remote control that STOPS the time and all of them were instantly frozen still except me. And out of frustration to escape, I randomly pressed the numbers carelessly. It may sound stupid and fatal decision but I just thought that trying, wanting and hoping to live is better than hopelessly waiting for your death because if you die tragically then can your soul be satisfied enough to answer these questions: “Have you live your life to the fullest? Have you accomplished worthy enough to satisfy your God?”

So, boom! I found myself in the safest place. It’s so beautiful, serene, peaceful and calm. Its land area is so wide and large and all I can see is green—green grasses and trees though it’s no forest. I was inside a park along the mountain. Although that place is so simple and quiet, my heart was not satisfied. Hence, it was so disturbed. “I am safe here…” I told myself, “…but what must be happening in the other world? It must be totally opposite from here.” I was not happy in that seemingly paradise knowing that the people I left is in danger.


John 10:10 declares, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full, says the Lord.”

Dawn Saturday after a farewell dinner with our colleague on the 30th of November, I hardly sleep. It was already 3 o’clock and I couldn’t remember what time my body rested since I remembered I’ve been dreaming until I woke up at 6:30 in the morning.

It goes like me and my colleagues were inside a building then when we entered in the comfort room, we were suddenly locked and couldn’t get out. We’re trapped! I saw myself fighting against an invisible force. I knew it was the devil. I rebuked while forcing the door to open with all my strength. Finally, I rebuked, “In Jesus name!” and I was freed. I saw another door with my friend inside it. She did the same thing and was freed at the end. The devil was so strong though we could not see him but at the time we rebuked him, we won. He is too weak against the children of God.

The devil is creating chaos in our working place. He created the spirit of malice, deceit, doubt, disloyalty, disunity, rebellion, injustice and confusion amidst us. I can relate that dream with the real situation we had had in our working place.


The mark of the Beast (Revelation 13)

A while ago, I’ve watch a sermon on TV about the Revelations’ prophesy, etc. Also, early morning I woke up from terror. I have been dreaming this week of similar incidents. The woman’s face threatened me. I could really picture out her face. That woman in that dream had passed away and her soul was used by the devil to threaten me and caught me. When her daughter told me that it was her mom she’d seen walking inside our house, I asked her to describe what she saw. She told me that her mom was lying low throwing herself on the floor. So I concluded, maybe she was not saved. Then the young lady asked me, “How can a dying person be saved?” I answered, “If at your last breath you would repent from all your sins andreceived Jesus Christ as your personal saviour, then you’ll be saved.” After that, the girl looked at me and laughed sarcastically while grabbing my right hand. She’s trying to hurt me and was trying to mark something on my right palm. I struggled and we fought hard. I knew she was demon possessed. Then, by the window I saw her mother. She was wearing white long dress and her hair is so long. Her face is so pale with a long pointed chin and nose. Her face is so pretty but because of her sunken eyes, it made her looked old. Her eyes don’t blink. It’s like a dagger and it just paste on me. She’s floating in the air. She looked so unhappy and angry. But then, it did not frighten me. Perhaps, I realize I too could fly so I can fight against her. It was so horrifying how she chased me all around the house. Both of us were floating and flying weightlessly. When I woke up from that dream, her face was still as clear as it was. It seems so real. It’s so threatening. I almost cried while I was praying and rebuking, trying forget her face.

It’s not my first time to fight with the devil and it always happens every time I’m doing something to glorify God. This blog was created after Satan show his ugly face with his two-pointed horns last June, on how he’s trying to destruct me by shaking my bed forcefully when I was doing my dawn prayer, on how he fought with my guardian angel which was there too on my bed to protect me.

To tell you, devil is in such a hurry now to destroy God’s children. He is, was and will continue to deceive the world through music, idols and other worldly affairs. Let’s not let him ruin God’s perfect plan for us. Let’s continue to pray. Our steadfast prayer and our personal relationship with God is our only shield against the devil.

Revelation 13: 16-18 says, “The beast forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to have a mark place on their right hands or on their foreheads. No one could buy or sell without this mark, that is, the beast’s or the number that stands for the name. This calls for wisdom. Whoever is intelligent can figure out the meaning of the number of the beast, because the number stands for the name of someone. Its number is 666.”

Image      Image      Image     Image      Image      Image     Image     Image     Image

We are in the last days. . .


Whose or which is your remote control?

Is it your peer? Is it the people around you whom you’re afraid you can’t win acceptance with like what-they’ll-gonna-say if I’m doing totally different from them?

Is it your fear? Your fear to be left behind?To be outcast? Or to grow old and poor because you live by faith and not by sight?

Is it your career, family, friend, loved-ones, wealth and properties?

Is it the trends and fads of the world?

Or, is it your sin?


Why we should fear God

The fear of the Lord is our response to God’s holiness along with love, devotion and gratitude. When we follow and delight in His commands, we will experience His generous blessings.

In times of trials, He will sustain us and not allow us to be shaken. Psalms 112: 1-2 declares, “How blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in His commandments. His descendants will be mighty on earth; the generation of the upright will be blessed.” In God we have security. “In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence and his children will have refuge.” (Proverbs 14:26) But when we violate God’s holiness, we will be judged.



Prayer: Lord, search my heart. You know all my desires. You know I miss my family so much. I miss home. I wanted to fulfil my career. But if my personal desires were not your will for me, then I can’t go against it. I know you know what’s best for us, that’s to prosper and not to harm us. Thank you for your message. I believe in you. Have it your way in our lives. And, help us focus on you alone. Fleeing from sin or destruction is the least we can do than to pursue you. Help us do your will in our lives, Lord. You’re too powerful than our fear. You are the maker and the finisher of our life. LET US BE UNDER YOUR CONTROL. 


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