Thoughts on spiritual disciplines

Sometimes I feel guilty if I can’t attend the church Sunday service, give my tithes week after, or unable to share and fellowship with unbelievers and fellow Christians alike because I believe this is our duty as Christ-follower, but reading this reminds me that Jesus first loves us; we must abide all what we think our obligations as Christians with LOVE then everything (if you think your duties as Christian are heavy loads) will be as light as a feather easy to carry.

In My Father's House

DisciplineWhy do most of us seem to have a problem with spiritual disciplines? Well…let me ask you, what comes to your mind when you think of spiritual disciplines?

Most sincere believers will affirm that it’s a good idea, but honest thoughts will go something like, “Yeah, you’re right…I need to do more…read my Bible more…pray more…more quiet time…fast more…and so forth. Or, if you’re one who currently consistently practices them, pride may rise up a little and you may be tempted to say, “Amen! That’s right!…You all need to be more disciplined in your walk with the Lord! (like me).

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