Is God the Author of Sin?

Before you read this blog, please pray that the holy spirit guides your mind and heart that you may fully understand what it conveyed and won’t be confuse. I am reblogging this though.

Why Calvinism is Wrong

“Although, therefore, I thus affirm that God did ordain the Fall of Adam, I so assert it as by no means to concede that God was therein properly and really the author of that Fall…But how it was that God, by His foreknowledge and decree, ordained what should take place in Adam, and yet so ordained it without His being Himself in the least a participator of the fault, or being at all the author or the approver of the transgression; how this was, I repeat, is a secret manifestly far too deep to be penetrated by any stretch of human intellect. Herein, therefore, I am not ashamed to confess my utter ignorance.” A Treatise of the Eternal Predestination of God, 126 (by Jean Calvin)

Okay, let me explain the above quote – it’s a little hard to understand. Calvin states, unequivocally, that God ordained the Fall of Adam, but was not…

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