Dealing with Atheists (Unbelievers)


I would be fooling myself or denying the fact if I’d say it didn’t affect me looking into most of my students’ spiritual relationship with God. Most of them claimed that they don’t need to have since they don’t even believe there is.

I onced asked my student his opinion about criminals and their ends. He said they deserve to go to jail to be punished and to die for their crimes.

I asked in return, “Isn’t it possible for them to be forgiven or aren’t they deserving for second chance if they asked forgiveness or had reformed?”

And his answer was, “No! Certainly not! Once a criminal, always a criminal!”

Though I may sound like a fool for him since he is an atheist, I still boldly shared to him this scripture: Luke 18:27 “What is humanly impossible is possible with God.” and Luke 19:10 “The

Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.”

Aren’t the criminals considered the lost? Yes, they are but those who don’t believe Christ are also considered lost.

“But we have different cultures and I don’t have any religion,” his defensive response and the rest is history.

Another experienced out from more than a dozen and counting similar experiences was when my middle-aged foreign student asked me about afterlife. I was glad that he opened up that kind’a topic since oftentimes, it’s a conservative/complicated issue; must be avoided to be talked about in a seemingly earthly rules suited for unbelievers. So, right then, I promptly shared about Heaven and Hell base on the Biblical perspective. I technically demonstrated it the simplest way I could like, “Anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ as his/her personal savior will surely go to hell.” as my own summary to the memory verse I first learned since childhood: John 3:16-18. In response, he boisterously laughed at me and said, “After life, nothing else..the end.” I understood his reaction. For so long he regarded me to be witty. Thus, believing this Heaven and Hell thingy is part of my joke so he laughed and laughed continuously. He only stopped after I said, “I’m serious.” Hence, no words came up from his mouth except “Wow….” while laughing from amazement and disbelief. He may not utter any word that time fearing that he would never ever see me smile again, but had told the other teachers about me and our story telling, “Teacher Jenny said that I’ll go to hell.., ” which showed that he indirectly admitted his guilt for unbelieving both heaven and Hell.

Until now, my heart is bleeding and I literally cry everytime I realized how many souls don’t recognize Jesus as the son of GOD. I was in the middle of licking the gloom not for me but for him laughing at the thought when God rescued me. My eagerness to share to them is like a bomb ready to explode, thus how likely I get disappointed everytime they shut their eyes and ears. I know God has a purpose why He gave me this kind of job and put me in this kind of situation. Sometimes, I am discouraged by the thought. You are surrounded by unbelievers and they are ready to declare their authority. However, I grab the chance of celebrating that I can be the salt and the light to them. I may have my own plans and human desires but it is really hard to go against God’s plan. Every thing you do without consulting the Father first would only lead you in vain. It’s proven and since He’s so prompt in answering prayers. He pointed me at all times to use  the Bible as the sacred weapon for winning souls, but this time, He added another weapon when He directed me to read the book HEAVEN IS REAL” by Choo Thomas.

I continually am asking God to knock their hearts, to at least widen even an inch the narrow passage towards their closed and napping hearts. We must not lose hope. There are many lost and scattered sheep, however as the scripture says, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me”, says the Lord. (John 10:27)



  1. You decide non-believers are “lost” and wicked and immoral because you decide that a young kid being stupid must be caused by them not being christian, as though teenagers are generally fonts of wisdom full of decades of experience and learning. I’m sure you’ve never seen a christian teenager say something stupid or apathetic, right?

    I understand that it’s hard for you to be confronted with people who don’t share your beliefs and that you want what is best for them, but people who aren’t like you have a right to exist too, and they have a right not to be stereotyped as “lost” and evil. We get enough of that from the religious right and conservatives, thank you.

    • Thank you for commenting. Before I decided to post this blog, it never came to my mind to doubt nor fear from the possible comments to which I know are mostly negative. They said it’s so hard to debate over any religion nor anyone’s faith. In this world, it is considered the most boring topic, worse than the subject History, Political Science, Economics, etc. And we are in a democratic country, thus entitled to our own opinion.
      You must misunderstood me. I did not mention that you (unbelievers of God) are evil nor mention as having no right to live. Of course, all of us have the right to live no matter how we live.
      But still I insist, no matter how good the person is if he doesn’t believe in God, his destiny lies into the pit of hell and that’s eternal. The time of His return is truly at hand. Jesus wants everyone to know that the end is coming. “Surely I am coming quickly,” says the Lord – Revelation 22:20
      He has already prepared an eternal home for all who believe in Him. You are much loved. It is so wonderful to know that He cares about everything that concerns His children–our aches and pains, our worries, our tiredness, our hopes and dreams.
      And, Jesus truly understands. He knew the pain of loneliness and rejection. He faced temptation. He wrestled with the will of God. He experienced anger and fear. No matter what we face, He has been there. More importantly, our God is right here with us. He is praying for us. He is bearing our burdens. He truly understands. And, your comment is much appreciated. Thank you! 🙂

      • The bible said that the world would end and jesus would return within the lifetimes of the people he was speaking to. It didn’t happen. Your religion is just one religion of many, as is your version of an afterlife.

        Besides, if it turns out that yahweh exists and is going to torture good people forever for simply not being sure he exists, then yahweh is indistinguishable from the devil.

        • 1 Corinthians 15:51-57 says, “Listen to this secret truth: we shall not all die, but when the last trumpet sounds, we shall all be changed in an instant, as quickly as the blinking of an eye. For when the trumpet sounds, the dead will be raised, never to die again, and we shall all be changed. For what is mortal must be changed into what is immortal; what will die must be changed into what cannot die. So when this takes place, and the mortal has been changed into the immortal, then the scripture will come true: “Death is destroyed; victory is complete!
          Where death is victory?
          Where, Death, is your power to hurt?
          Death gets its power to hurt from sin, and sin gets its power from the Law. But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!

          His coming is so near. Matthew 21:25-28 speaks about The coming of the Son of Man (Jesus Christ) which says, “There will be strange things happening to the sun, the moon, and the stars. On earth whole countries will be in despair, afraid of the roar of the sea and the raging tides. People will faint from fear as they wait for what is coming over the whole earth, for the powers will be driven from their courses. Then the Son of Man will appear, coming in the cloud with great power and glory. When these things begin to happen, stand up and raise your heads, because your salvation is near.”

          I wish I could answer all your questions; with God’s grace I know you’ll be answered only if you’re willing to know. Read the Bible and let the Holy Spirit teach and reveal you the mystery.

          please spare time to read this blog:

          I pray you’ll be enlightened. I’m happy you come across sharing your views over my blog. God bless you!

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