My Soul’s Cry



(phototakenbymein Camotes Island,Cebu,PhilippinesCy2013)

Lord God, oh Jesus

No words can describe

No colour can paint your splendid image


How I long to see your face

When shall it be?

When shall the great abomination take place?

When shall we be judged by your might?

When shall we inherit your kingdom and your promises?


You are so mighty; you draw me in awe

You’re such a God of perfect timing—

All things fall into its perfect place according to your plans.


I want to offer my life to you

Use me, fill me, and show me

Lord God, I always long for you, for your presence

My soul is thirsty of you


For you alone are worthy…

When we cry, we cry from the depths of our soul

When we cry, we want to well down all the thirst from our eyes

When we cry, we want to knock and hit our chest for our sins

Yet, we cry more for believing that our sins were forgiven

For that, we cry more for thanksgiving.

What can we give since you have everything?

What can we offer than our lives as a living sacrifice,

Holy and acceptable to you!


We praise you Lord God.

You’re the Alpha and Omega.

This is all for you.



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