a short story: GREAT WINDS HELP

Image phototakenbyme@Davao City,Ph/cy2013


               Whirl…whisper. Now nearer. You can feel the cold. Jaw frozen. Body soon numbs. Meow… “Whew! Thank God! Thanks pussy! You saved me…” You hardly talked and held breath. Your throat dried. “I need water— “How much? —deal!” Loads of files, bunch of paper works and line-up of calls awaits you. What a morning greetings! Winnowing appointments and working schedule is a good advice for you. Good job! The day ends up as usual with same old style and fashion. Slightly untying your ties, scratching the nearly baldhead and a little curtsy to open your knob completes you with a smile.


               Weeklong, more clients were adding to the list. Now, the bee competes the buzzing of your business’ busyness. “Boss, buckle up, we will paint the town red for hundreds of clients,” whimper by your secretary. Darkness. A little light screamed as it beams. Cool breezily air zooms up. Again and again it came nearer and nearer, back and forth. Then, it twirls the post. Blagh! Fall down the post. A shriek was heard. How pity! Some creatures out there might have been crushed. Bothered, you remain unuttered. Your sanity protrudes don’t ever attempt to help or else. Numb body almost frozen but insanity insists you must do something. Help!


               The second deafeningly ticks. Shit! You drop exasperation. What time is it? You sprint to reach your locker. Pull out all the twisted-up stuff. Mr and Mrs Smith gallop as it lands on the floor. “Nay, the tickets are placed just right over here. It couldn’t be!” iPod mutters, digital camera mumbles, iPhone sobbed after been stamped by your laptop as the searcher swept those. Even Harry Potter’s magic wand has nothing to do with its spellbinding stunts against your claws of toss.


               The grandstand waits as you stiffly finding still the lost. Later, you held breath as the monster winds bellow and blow you hastily. Then you found exhaustion at crouching on your lap. Dazzled by that impact, you aimed a weighty arose. “If only that wind, that monster would have not fetched me up, I probably won’t be ruined by my projects. A great mishap!” you kept on blaming. Anyway, where am I? Survival of the fittest projected the title onto its audience. Better. You found ease at the east part of the world as the compass directs you the site. “Evils of the world welcome have fun and play with the evils. Let’s drink and get drunk”: This is but an approachable phrase that hosts to delight you come in beyond dimensions.


               You roamed, seek normal looking-people or just a single person enough to humour with. Later, you found groups of Christians. There were also youth discussing their sentiments and plan to organize for a cause. While, in the next corner, you found Libra symbols trying to balance itself from the (+) and (-) on having dispute, but seem to be the negative lowered indicating more weight it has than the positive. Awhile, the grounds run against your feet as you visually clear the picture in front of you. “It must not be the real devil!” shouted by your nerves while looking attentively onto its double-pointed horns and wagging tails. However, groups of Christians pace nearer on your side. You sat in against the wall behind them. Mad on the thought, you heard oneself rebuking, “In Jesus’ name…!” repeatedly over and over again. Unfortunately, the louder your voice, the stronger the invisible force push the Christians making you squeakily flat against the wall. You fought, squeezed out for relief. Suffocated, pictures revive and flash in big screen of your imagination.


               Child-like giggles, laughs…Oh! How good to reminisce those days! Darkness. “I hate you papa! huhuhu…” That was me honey, it was your papa, can’t you recognize my voice over the phone? Ha! Ha! Ha! It was me!”…Stop it! I don’t want to hear…stop it! You cried out but still the voice deafeningly shrieks in your nerve. Then you see yourself pacing and mumbling, “Liar! Both of you! That woman, she seems to like my dad. That slut! Why does my dad have to do that—-fool somebody especially me, his own child? Is he avoiding? Whom? Us? How good pretender he may be!” your face flashed with total outrage. Now, you were stamping madly on the horizontal white lanes of the road, forgetting to throw glimpse on each side until—–dizziness. Oh…Blagh! The child! The child! Look out! It has nothing to do with it. It’s too late.


               Another chapter of your life can now be seen. “Excuse me, excuse me…” Exhausted, you kept on running beyond your deadlines. Paper works, projects…who can skip out with this mess? But you have to. Your busy life colours your day, remember?  “Somebody must do me a leap or else I may forever scar of using it, ‘mean this stuff drives me crazy. I even forgot to pray and who can tell what my face now looks like. I even don’t bother to look in a mirror…Suddenly, a butterfly lands on your face. A white one. “What a—oh! This couldn’t be!”


               “Hey! White butterfly when lands and stays longer on you mean bad luck,” you heard someone. It alarms you. “Go away, you white insect!” You yell but still it sticks. Then, strong wind followed, an angry one that greets, “Hi Come on…” “No!” You forcefully yell and held on against its adamant vacuum-like pull. “Bye! You have to let go.” People around grinned. They seem having fun at your misfortune. “No!!!…


               “Hey wake up, you’re dreaming…” you heard your sister’s angelic voice.

               “I heard Lucifer instructed his angels to keep us busy with non-essentials of life. To occupy our minds with so many things to keep us away from God. To invent luxury to make us dependent, lazy and materialistic and wealthy, to make us commit sinful acts just to get it whatever way is. They will also have to entertain us through music so as to tickle our spirit in worldly idolatry. To bring us in concerts and amusements, to make us forget our problems and not to ask God or pray for help instead. To tempt us with false hopes offered by sweepstakes, raffles, lottery: sorts of gambling that feed our vices. To fill our days with dailies, of 24-hour news, totally updated so as not to loosen up communication with the world. To keep us busy, busy and busy to forget God, to forget to pray and lose our salvation.”



               “Is that so? It does not amaze me.” Your sister gave a sly smile. You reacted defensively.

“What? What’s wrong with how I stare at you? Oh brother, that was a great reminder for you.” Your sister sprinted. “I’m getting late, got to go but before I forgot, just leave the key to Mrs Alipio.”

               “There isn’t other key aside from this?”

               “That’s the only one, just fetch up breakfast for yourself. I prepared some in the kitchen…bye!”

               Your sister sprinted and slammed the door. Blagh! You saw the product of the Gideon’s fall down, dust was over its face but you manage to take a little blow to wash those dusts, opened it, then you wonder. You were having peace now on reading with its company.


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