(First published in Cascade magazine- vol.23 no.2; March 2008)

Havoc. Pandemonium. A gory queue. Trucks loaded with behead. A storm of agony. The jeering of the foe, scurrilous and defiant, aggravates. It is soul wrenching to witness those slain being mustered to funeral. The families excruciatingly circumvent the coincidence of their grape. Homes at the wake of smoke amalgamate its remaining breath that was slowly turning into coal. Children are no longer confident to play, never with rifles and machine-guns. Birds were even stranded at the safe sky, forever….

How prone are the innocents for possible confusions and misleading! The Book of Revelation prophesies this similar scenario to nothing more but doom. But, God take some considerations. That’s why grants are given as corporal rewards for those who are willing to pay upon their deeds. And, one of that is to be goal-oriented. Intuitions opt which one is the very purpose of things’ existence.

There are these LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LONG-SUFFERING, GENTLENESS, MEEKNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, HUMILITY and SELF-CONTROL as what Galatians5:22 tell us what the fruit of the spirit is. But first, let’s  focus with Peace.

Peace starts where the war ends. Peace harmonizes with hope, unity, faith, love, freedom, happiness and good. Peace isn’t hard to find but hard to complement. Peace is in every tongue. Peace is a goal. Peace may be forgotten, for a while and from a distance. Peace may be the product. Peace may be the reason why they created war. Peace satisfies…and it will start with you.

Long way, peace—the idea itself is as old as human civilizations, written in books and passes from generations to generations. The Old Testament enumerates the word peace, its usage, its beginning and its end, or to correct, it’s never ending. The New Testament on the other hand, tells us that war was created as a way of punishment to the evilness of man. However, different religions with different doctrines have their own dogmatic claims on the word “peace”. Each claimed that it is the absence of war, its counterpart. Of course, who would want destruction? Who would want untimely tragic death…Even the subject itself hates its opponent—war, which in its eventualities often receives more attention. The favourite topics of peace-oriented entourage are the guns, bullets, bombs, battleships, missiles, armed forces, bandits and those killed. Why aren’t they talking about peace without having its opponent as tail? Is the sound of gun complements peace? Does explosion runs a mile of peace? Are those resting in peace victims of war really are in peace? Do they really define what they believe and fought for? How about those innocents who choose neither peace nor war?

Conflicts starts with differing opinions, racism, cultural differences breeding suspicion, misunderstanding and conflict itself. Economic conditions also stand as one weighty ground. Third word-countries struggled for complete control of vital natural resources. Then, there will be a fight. Under international law, wars are legal because they represent what has become an acceptable practice of nations protecting their states. Yet, debatable obstacle relates to the widespread belief that wars are the means of solving problems. Was it really? Or we’re just flocking at the wrong site…

War was created because people want peace. They want fair justice. Aye! We achieved freedom and independence because of our heroes and heroines shedding blood in the battlefield. A loser they may be but our country sings its anthem, a victor! People give way to celebration and rejoice. However, they often ignore the long-term consequences where one generates a later one, then another, a seized fire, resume, and again. The property, money and lives are the vital capitals to invest both a winner and a loser. Otherwise, the profit would be both.

There ever been an agreement on how to achieve peace. Some preached a doctrine of universal love. Some visualized brotherhood and renouncing against international violence of any type refusing on the basis of religion, humanitarian, philosophical or social justice principles. Then, the Nobel Peace Prize was born: the annual awards to men and women who confer the greatest benefit on mankind in any fields of scientific studies and mostly those who has greatest contributions to world peace. The peace prize starts at the founder’s death. It was Alfred Nobel who is considered the father of modern dynamite and other explosives. Hence, he was responsible in the worldwide fatal accidents of his time. It was he who generates more destructive force intensifying warfare. It was by his idea that continues to experiment and innovate more powerful weapon. It was by his great wisdom that people find ways to eliminate fatal accidents through explosives. It was by him that people make aware of protecting themselves and their property. If we will spend time studying the life of Alfred Nobel, we can relate why he did experiments and inventions, which could do nothing good to man but destruction. At first, he was degenerated by his personal interest ignoring million lives killed and more still at stake. But, as he grew older, wealthier, weaker, uncontended and unhappy, he realized that nothing can satisfy man’s thirst for wealth, not even the wealth itself. Same as nothing can dictate death when it will come. Nothing can stop it when it is time. His life could have been spared if he only let the physicians cure him with Nitro-glycerine, a chemical substance that made up his greatest invention—dynamite. He said that letting the very substance which killed million lives enter his body is likely to prolong his life at the expense of those killed. Alas! It was by him that people realized how to communicate peace. Violence could not be the answer to violence or threat to threat. The solution may be the problem itself but we have to pore on different angles. Was it necessary? Or we are just used to.

There were exact explanations why these things happen and the consequences may be good or bad. Let’s just embrace the fact that perfection is hard to find in this vast world. For me, peace dispels superfluous assurance. Walks of life found it literal, concrete or abstract, with different levels. Peace for others may be if they succeed. Peace may be if they deemed desirable. Peace for others may also be if they give, share and forgive. Peace starts at home where there was a total absence of violence and conflict but the presence of love and fear of GOD, living and doing HIS will. How prosperous and peaceful our country is if having citizens like these! (Jenny Nalzaro)


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